The Power of Being Able to Receive a Compliment


Being able to accept and receive the love of another person is something that we all need to be able to do. A lot of people are great at giving to others, but sometimes they struggle when it’s time for them to receive. I’ve already written on both of those subjects. But when it comes to receiving love from another person, I thought it would be great to go into a bit more detail when it comes to receiving compliments from someone.

Being able to receive a compliment from another person is part of being able to receive love. Therefore, they both go hand-in-hand. So if you’re able to receive love and you do so open heartedly, then you’re likely going to be able to receive compliments as well. This is why we should work on both areas of self improvement.

Many times people feel that they receive compliments that they don’t feel worthy of. If someone is being genuine and they tell you their feelings or compliment you on something, it’s important to know that they’re speaking from their heart. Giving someone empty or fake compliments is never a kind act. If you’re not being genuine when you say or do anything, it can throw a lot of people off, so you shouldn’t do it period. But when someone is being very genuine with their words and what they say to you, it’s important to not only say thank you, but to say thank you and absorb what they say, and to feel worthy of it as well.

A lot of people have low self-esteems and simply can’t handle being complimented. Maybe it’s because they actually have high self-esteems and feel that they could’ve done better at whatever it was, so they have a hard time accepting a compliment for their achievement. Usually perfectionists and high achievers struggle in this area. Despite a person’s reason for not being able to accept a compliment in the way that they should, it’s important to recognize it as something that needs improvement on. We should all be self-aware enough to recognize our imperfections, and if one of those imperfections is not being able to receive a compliment in the right manner, then we need to work on it.

Receiving a compliment is more than simply saying thank you, but it’s truly believing that you’re worthy the compliment. It’s imperative to know our worth, despite whether we have a low self-esteem or even if where the perfectionist type and we feel we could’ve done better. If someone is loving enough to give you a compliment, be kind enough to show your thanks, and keep a positive attitude.

It’s an obvious thing when someone can’t handle receiving a compliment very well, but it’s usually not obvious to the other person as to why. This is why we should all work on ourselves as individuals to the point where we’re able to accept hearing good things about ourselves, even if we don’t believe them to be true. Hopefully at some point, we’ll all know how great we are, and be able to accept the love and kind words from others, without even questioning if we deserved to hear such good things. Last but not least, remember not to let too many compliments get to your head or anything, because arrogance is ugly, so stay humble.

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