The Power of Inner Beauty



When we meet people, many times we judge them without even giving them a chance to see who they are. We judge people solely based on their appearance or from what we might hear about them, and everything else takes a back seat. We judge people based on their culture, their religion, their weight, or even their physical beauty or lack of it. Many times we don’t even give people a chance, and that could be a big reason why many of us are still single.

It’s important to give promising situations a chance, and the only way to know if something has any potential is if we take a moment to talk to someone, ask them questions, and get to know them a little bit. It’s important to find out who someone is on the inside, and not judge them simply based on their looks  or superficial qualities.

I’ve met some of the most beautiful people, but unfortunately, their beauty was merely skin deep and they were quite ugly on the inside. It was kind of surprising really that someone that could be so incredibly stunning one minute, and the next, not so much. The same goes for the opposite, because many times people on the surface are quite unappealing, unattractive, and on a physically level, even quite ugly. But, as soon as they opened their mouths to speak, they suddenly become exquisite and beautiful, to the point where many times I found it hard to put their beauty into words.

Although, we should all instinctively know to look at people for who they are on a deeper level, and not just skin deep. But sometimes, we unfortunately don’t think clearly, and especially when people have such impressive surface beauty (at least, upon a first unspoken impression). Sometimes we overlook qualities and attributes in people that might seem dull, common, or too boring if you will, because of what’s instilled in us by things we see on television, throughout social media, and through word-of-mouth, etc.

It’s all about the inner beauty of a person, not the exterior beauty. When someone is truly and utterly beautiful on the inside, they become beautiful on the outside as well. Some of the most beautiful people in this world were imperfect as far as their exterior features went (like facial features and what not). But when it came down to what type of person they were (like Audrey Hepburn for example), they were and are known to have been such good people on the inside, and that inner beauty exuded on such a deep level that nearly everyone found them to magnificent.

Remember, if you’re hoping to find someone in with whom you can call a partner, a best friend, and someone that you can share your life with, it’s important to truly get to know them on a deep level, and that’s far beyond anything superficial like exterior beauty. Finding a partner in life is about being able to share a deep connection with someone, being able to laugh together, and share things. Love is something that can be so pure and meaningful, and more important than anything, based on a solid and strong foundation. Nowhere in that foundation should it be mandatory to have great looks.

Having good looks is like having frosting on a cake. It shouldn’t be something that we judge someone solely on, in which we close our hearts towards getting to know them. Give someone a chance to make you laugh, smile, and to make your eyes sparkle. Don’t be so picky when looking for your match that you lose perspective of what really matters in life, and in a partner. Know what you want, and be picky. But, remember to stay humble, and be kind to others. Don’t let people’s exterior beauty or anything on a superficial level play more of a role in your decision on whether or not to be with someone. Be with someone for the beauty that they hold within.

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  1. It can be tough to look past the outward appearance, especially when dating. We can get so caught up in someone’s looks and forget that who they are is what really matters and what will really matter in the long run.

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