The Prison of Holding a Grudge


When you hold a grudge, you’re doing a disservice to yourself. Holding a grudge and staying upset or angry at someone for whatever reason is holding onto a toxic emotion. You’re basically holding onto negativity for longer then you should be. It’s important to rid ourselves from negative people and negative energy as much as possible in life. This includes those negative emotions that we carry around inside ourselves as well.

We’re in control of our own lives, and we have the power to feel good inside or bad. We make a choice in whether or not we’re going to have a good day or a bad day each and every morning that we awaken. It’s important to wake up every single morning as if life is a new chance to start over, and do things better than we did the previous today.

Each and every one of us has the power to be inspirations for ourselves, and for others if we want to be. No one can take away our happiness in life if we don’t let them. When we hold onto negative feelings for certain period, it can be literally draining on our souls. It can torment us from within to such an extent that our bodies will deteriorate faster, and we’ll grow old quicker, and possibly even develop a bitterness towards other people. It’s imperative that we don’t carry around negative emotions, and one of those negative emotions is holding a grudge towards others.

Forgiveness is an immense act of strength and kindness. It’s important to forgive others when they do us wrong for ourselves, and not only for them. Even if you decide that someone’s actions aren’t healthy for you to be around, and you want to remove them from your romantic or social life, it’s important to do so, but to forgive them first. Letting go is a process that you need to embrace when someone has hurt you. In order to forgive people, you need to let go of hurt, anger, bitterness, and drop down your guards so that you can be emotionally free from the pain or turbulence that you’re carrying around with you.

Holding onto a grudge many times will hurt you more than it will hurt others. You shouldn’t want to get people back so to speak or to make them feel pain that might be similar as to what they’ve done to you. Revenge is never the answer. I don’t believe in an eye for an eye. I believe in killing with kindness, forgiving, and letting go of negative, and toxic emotions. Holding a grudge can cause such damage in this world that it creates wars between countries, bridges that don’t need to be burnt, and torment of the soul that’s more than unnecessary to experience in a lifetime.

We can’t control the actions of others. But, we can control our own actions. We need to start letting go, forgiving, and tearing down our emotional barriers and walls. If we don’t, it will weigh us down, and bring others with us. There’s no enlightenment in a grudge. We don’t need to carry around anger, hurt, or resentment in the form of grudges for any longer. Do this for yourself, for others, and for the sake of humanity. Like I said, we can’t change or control what others say or do, but we can change ourselves for the better.

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