Why You SHOULD Put All of Your Eggs in One Basket


Many people think that you shouldn’t put your whole heart and soul into one person when you’re dating. Many people will tell you to keep your options open, to date around, and to see what else is out there while you’re exploring one situation. And even when it’s a very good and promising situation. They say that you should do this so that you don’t miss out on other opportunities, and so that you don’t end up getting hurt by being dedicated to one person, and becoming completely attached and developing deep feelings that might be hard to get out of if it didn’t work out. 

Well, it’s about time for you to know better than to listen to the advice of miserable people who are desiring company, and to those who just thrive off of giving bad advice to others. Those types of people don’t know what the heck they’re talking about! 
I beg to differ with the mentality of “dating around” when you’ve already gone out with someone that you like. If people don’t give promising situations a chance, by being completely dedicated and only dating that one person, they’re not going to be able to develop deeper feelings for them, and they’ll never truly find out whether or not they would’ve been a great match for one another.

You need to give promising situations a genuine chance by being pure and faithful, and not by dating around and seeing what else is out there. People that date many people at the same time will struggle developing feelings that are genuine for anyone. As well, I truly feel that it’s pointless to date around when you’ve already found something special and promising in a person. 

It’s imperative to give promising situations a chance. Not only will dating other people make it so that you’ll have less of a chance of developing genuine feelings for someone, but it will also bring about a lot of confusion. You see, we don’t really need more options when we’ve already found someone special. It’s always better to date one person at a time, to see how compatible you are together. And worse comes to worse, if you’re not the best possible match for one another, then part ways, and then date someone else. Otherwise, you’ll never find that one special love, because you’re too busy thinking that the grass will be greener somewhere else.

This is why I feel that you should put all of your apples into one basket. Every new situation deserves a blank, clean slate and a genuine chance at working out. So when it comes to dating someone new, ignore the saying that “you shouldn’t put all of your eggs or apples or whatever into one basket,” because it’s not about having many options when it comes to finding true love. And therefore, for those that are truly hoping to find that one special someone, give promising situations a chance by dating one person at a time. 

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