Is It Really a Beautiful World?



I write about inspiration, happiness, love, and having hope. However, I’m not delusional, thinking that this world is a perfect and beautiful place all of the time, because it’s far from it. Just like each and every one of us is imperfect, so is the world in which we live. This world isn’t truly beautiful. There’s a tremendous amount of hate, bullying, envy, prejudice, racism, violence, and so much else that causes hurt and discomfort in our lives. We live in a predominantly selfish world, where everyone thinks about themselves before others, and many times people don’t even care how they affect the people around them, and only how different things and situations will affect them on a personal level.

Now, after having said all of that, you might think that I’ve added to the negativity and the toxicity of the world, but know that it isn’t my intention, and I do believe that there’s light at the end of the tunnel and that there’s a positive in every negative situation, or at least for the most part. Even though this world isn’t beautiful, there’s beauty in it, and there are definite moments of happiness that we should all be so fortunate to experience and embrace.

We need to make the most out of the life that we’re given, and concentrate on all of the good things in life, as opposed to the bad. When we have the option to choose good over evil, choose good. When we have the option of being kind and selfless, as opposed to being cruel, mean, and selfish, choose selfless, kindness, and love. When we have the option of doing things for others “just because” we can, and without any ulterior motive, do so, and do so out of the pureness in your heart, and not because you expect or desire to have certain things done for you in return.
Do kind acts without having ulterior or manipulative motives. And instead, do them out of love, sincerity, and because it’s righteous, and a more enlightened choice. Do kind things for others, because you care how you make other people feel, and because you strive to be more of an enlightened individual, as opposed to blending in with a negative and common crowd.

We all have the power to view things as beautiful, and to perceive things in the manner that we choose. Although, I don’t view this world as being perfect or beautiful, there is much beauty in it. Even during sad and heavy times, we can still find a way to smile and laugh.
In the worst of the worst of situations in life, it’s important to remember that we can control our own moods, and we can find ways to laugh and keep things light or at least, a little lighter than they might seem. We have the power to shine and to shed light onto others, even if we’re somewhat miserable on the inside. We have the power to be giving, selfless, and loving individuals, even if we come from havoc, hardship, and rough childhoods, or perhaps even if we’re carrying wounds from past situations and relationships.

There’s always something beautiful and positive that can come out of something negative and unfortunate. We need to focus on the good, on the beautiful things, and to appreciate them. It’s one thing to acknowledge a situation and come to terms with how reality is, but it’s another thing to lead a life based on misery and unfortunate circumstances, instead of looking at the bright side of life and situations. Try to find the positive in all situations, and especially when there’s nothing that you can do to change them.

There are always a few things that you can do to feel better about the situation that you’re in, and especially during hard times. Some of those things include appreciating what you have, being thankful, acknowledging the good in life, instead of focusing on the bad. And being kind to others and staying in a good mood, as much as you can, even during hard times. As well, remember to focus on the positive instead of the negative in situations, keep your chin up, and find a reason to keep pushing forward towards your goals, and staying positive and enlightened each and every day as much as you can. We’ll all have difficult and challenging times in life, but our attitude can make such a difference.

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