Reasons to Consider Couples Therapy to Improve Your Marriage



When a relationship hits a rock, it is daunting for couples to admit it, let alone take action. In most cases, couples tell themselves that it’s temporary and things will get better once a stressful event resolves. However, this can do more harm than good. When a relationship experiences huge cracks, it is imperative to seek couples therapy. Therapy provides potent tools of communication and dialogue. Here are the reasons you may need marriage therapy.

Poor Communication

Couples can’t focus on developing their marriage when communication has deteriorated. Poor communication is characterized by recurring arguments and conflicts. Both negative communication and withdrawal can damage a relationship. When communication collapses or turns negative, partners can feel disregarded, insecure, and depressed.

When to Seek Couples Therapy

Therefore, partners need to seek professional couples therapy when they can’t talk about their issues in a respectful, fruitful way. A therapist can also give you suggestions on how to improve your communication in the future. They will suggest ways to handle conflicts and not shy away from the tough conversations. 

Inharmonious Sex Drive and Lack of Intimacy

Changes in intimacy and levels of sex drive can wreak havoc in marriages. There are several culprits of lack of intimacy, including life changes, medication, work stress, and depression, among other environmental factors that affect people differently. A reputable marriage counselor can help partners restore their physical expression to reach a point of intimacy and companion that works for them.


Money is the main source of disagreements in marriages. When a couple disagrees about how finances are utilized, arguments can go over the roof. By going to couples therapy, partners can talk about their frustrations regarding money in a confidential and caring manner.

You Are Just Sharing Space, You May Need Couples Therapy

Separation and conflicts can escalate to the point that partners become roommates. In such situations, partners get too involved with their work and kids and forget to spend intimate time together.

If you have disconnected for a while, it is prudent to put time aside for each other or plan for a regular night date to resolve your issues. If communication among yourself has failed to reconnect you again, it is crucial to seek help from a marriage counselor.

If you and your spouse are drifting apart, it’s likely there are some serious underlying issues that have gone ignored. At couples therapy, a therapist will help you pinpoint what those issues are. 

You Are Together for the Sake of Your Kids

Some partners are just staying under one roof for the sake of their kids. Being in an unhappy relationship can be detrimental to the mental health and emotional wellbeing of your kids. If you have tried to work things out several times but nothing changes, there is no harm in contacting divorce lawyers. This is the last option and should only be considered when the relationship is unsalvageable.

You don’t have to stay stuck in an unhappy marriage. Put in the work and consider couples therapy to help resolve the above common relationship issues. Hope is never lost when it comes to reviving your marriage.


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