Why Rejection Isn’t the Worst Thing


We all want to feel loved by someone. And not just anyone. We all want that one special love that’s going to love us the way that we want to be loved. Not everyone is capable or is going to be willing to love us the way that we need or desire. That’s why it’s important never to settle for the wrong person or someone that’s just a temporary type of love. We all deserve to have a unique love, and of love that’s only meant for us.

Not everyone is meant to be yours, and only for you. And just because you might have developed feelings for someone, they might not return those feelings, and it might hurt. It usually does to some degree, and especially, when you’ve developed feelings for them. That’s why it’s important to always try to be on the same page as someone that you’re dating or interested in. The best method for doing that is by taking things slowly, and instead of reading into situations, assuming what someone might be feeling or thinking, you maintain a direct and honest approach.

We have to be able to accept rejection in life, and that goes for in love as well. When someone rejects you or isn’t interested in you, it’s important to be able to take it with a grain of rice so to speak. You should only want to be loved and adored by a person that’s willing to love and adore you back.

Don’t let yourself get caught up with intense and passionate feelings for someone, when you don’t know whether or not they even like you, let alone love you and feel the same way. Always try to be on the same page as the person that you’re dating, so that your love will be balanced. Go at a healthy pace where you can both equally develop feelings for one another, and where you’ll know that you’re on the same page.

Having said all of the above, you should know that rejection happens, and despite the fact that it’s sometimes or perhaps usually a hard pill to swallow, we need to not only accept that at times someone might not love us back, but we need to be more than O.K. with it. When someone doesn’t want us in the same manner in which we want them, we need to be strong, resilient, and know that the right person will eventually come into our lives, and it will be for keeps.

More than anything, when someone rejects us, we tend to close our hearts, and build emotional walls and barriers whether on a conscious or unconscious level. And that’s one of the worst things that we can do to ourselves. You see, it’s imperative to have an open heart. And even when we get hurt or let down by someone, because that’s the very moment in which we should find resilience and become even stronger.

Closing the door to your beautiful open heart, and not letting anyone in, makes it so that they don’t see who the real you is. And the real you is a beautiful person. It’s the person that the right person is going to fall in love with. But not when you close up your heart. You have to be approachable, and willing to embrace love. And part of embracing love is being willing to risk getting hurt, putting your heart on the line, and risking for it to get hurt or even shattered. But never, and I mean never close up your heart or build those emotional walls, because it will end up with you not being open to the love of your life when it actually does appear.

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