Relationships: When Nothing’s Ever Good Enough


There’s a big problem with relationships these days that I feel should be addressed. Sometimes it’s important to shed light onto these little issues in relationships, and not only the big ones. The reason being is that the little issues in relationships can turn into bigger ones when they’re not addressed. It’s so important that when we’re dating someone or in a relationship, we concentrate on giving, but also accept and receive acts of love from our partner. Putting effort into things and concentrating on giving is imperative for all relationships. Especially, romantic ones. However, sometimes one partner in a relationship feels as if nothing that they do is making their partner happy. In other words, nothing ever seems to be good enough, or satisfy their partner to the extent that they’d hoped. This is not necessarily the giver’s fault, and the person giving should be aware of that.

It’s so important that people show appreciation when kind gestures are done for them. This brings us to another point, which is that many times couples don’t truly know what will bring their partner happiness, and they assume that because something will make them happy personally, their partner will get the same satisfaction in receiving the same things. It doesn’t even matter what those things are, and that includes certain types of affection. It’s important to take the time to get to know your partner, treat them as a unique individual, and learn all of the different things that they like, love, and dislike as well. Not everyone likes or enjoys the same things. This is something that we all must understand and come to terms with. No one should ever assume that because you like something or perhaps someone that you’ve dated previously liked something, that your new partner will feel the same way. Again, treat your partner or the person that you’re dating as an individual, and get to know their likes and dislikes.

Just as much as everyone should concentrate on giving, we should all concentrate on appreciating things as well. Showing appreciation can do wonders when striving for a healthy and happy relationship. Nothing’s worse than when someone feels as if they keep giving love, affection, or even doing nice gestures for their partner, but to no avail. There may be times, and possibly more often than not, when a partner never seems to be satisfied with all of the effort that you might be putting into things as you’re trying to please them. This definitely makes a person want to stop giving to their partner. However, you shouldn’t stop giving to your partner.

What you should do is communicate your feelings to your partner, and express yourself in a kind and poised manner about how you feel. Let your partner know that you’ve been trying to do things to please them, and that you’re willing to do other things if your method and gestures aren’t to their liking or satisfaction. Let them know that you feel as if they don’t appreciate the effort that you’re putting into things, but you’d still like to learn how you can improve. Sometimes it’s important to bite your tongue, and not necessarily express your frustration by criticizing them, or putting them down. But instead, communicate your feelings in a kind manner where they’ll more likely be open to letting you know how they feel as well. Remember to approach them in a way that will make them want to open up, instead of provoking them to become defensive. The whole point is to improve your relationship, not to make it worse or provoke tension.

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