Rose Colors and Their Meanings


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better than to write my latest article about roses, their colors, and the meanings behind them. Some people may think that it doesn’t matter what color roses that you give to a person, as long as you just give them. They figure that they’re putting enough effort into buying them, so who really cares about their meaning. As well, many people feel that pretty roses are simply, just pretty roses, and it’s not a big deal what their meaning is.

Just because they might not know the meaning or don’t care, others might, and it’s important to know what color you’re giving to what person in your life. People don’t always talk about the fact that they know the meaning of the colors of different roses, but many people actually know and care, especially women. In this article I wanted to go through what all of the sentimental meanings are behind the most popular colors of roses. In addition, I want to spread awareness as to when you should or shouldn’t give a certain color rose to a certain type of person.

Yellow Roses:

If there’s one controversial rose, it’s the yellow rose. In Victorian Times, as well as to this very day in some cultures, giving yellow roses to someone that you love or someone that is celebrating someone positive, and beautiful is a no-no. The yellow rose has many connotations of jealousy, envy, and wanting nothing more than a platonic friendship. It’s known to be given to someone that you view as merely a friend, and nothing more. However, these days, many people (outside of a few cultures) believe that the yellow rose represents, joy, friendship, good health, warmth, and remorse. Despite their incredible fragrance, unless the yellow rose is given in a combination with other colors of roses or buy a platonic friend, I personally don’t fancy them.

Red roses:

Ah, the lovely red rose. The epitome of grace, beauty, and true love. What’s better than to get red roses from someone that you love, and that loves you back. The easiest way to tell that someone loves you is by receiving beautiful red roses from them. Having said that, if you view someone as just a friend, stay away from the red rose. Red roses symbolize love, respect, and should be given to those that you have genuine, deep feelings of love for. The deeper the red color of the rose, the deeper the love one has for you.

Blue roses:

The unattainable dark blue rose symbolizes much more than viewing the person as unattainable. Being given this exotic, rare beauty is letting the person know that you view them as royalty, mysterious, and as a divine, and worthy creature. The blue rose has such a powerful meaning, and they’re hard to find, just like the person that’s probably receiving them. They’re usually given to people that one is intrigued by, and that views the other as an enchanted, mysterious being.

White roses:

The rose that symbolizes the most purity is none other than the white rose. The exquisite beauty of the white rose is so delicate, yet holds so much power, and meaning. I think that they were likely speaking about the white rose when they started the saying that less is more. The white rose which symbolizes marriage and togetherness, also holds other intriguing meanings as well. It symbolizes purity, romance, innocence, and new beginnings.

Lavender roses:

The softness of the lavender rose is a way of expressing desire when given to someone you have romantic feelings for. The lavender rose represents love at first site. It’s a way of saying to someone that you like them, and then some… The lavender roses’ soft natured color is one that symbolizes remarkable beauty, and should be given to one that you have strong feelings for.

Orange roses:

The orange rose should not be mistaken for the peach rose, and there’s a fine line, so buyers beware. The orange rose symbolizes lust, desire, enthusiasm, and passion. There’s a connotation when someone gives orange roses to someone that they love, and that’s friends with benefits. Yep, I said friends with benefits! Orange roses are known to be given to someone that you’re just friends with, yet have passionate and romantic feelings for.

Pink roses:

The lovely pink rose comes in many different shades, and each shade holds a different meaning. The lighter and softer the shade of pink, the more delicate the meaning is. Giving someone a light pink rose is a way of letting them know that you like them romantically. It tells them that you’re developing feelings for them, and the next level up would be to send them red roses. Pink roses represent grace, femininity, romance, elegance, appreciation, and the very essence of a beginning love. Darker pink roses represent gratitude and passion more so than the lighter shades. However, the lighter shades of pink roses are given as a way of expressing to someone that you like them more than friends.

Peach roses:

The modest and welcoming peach rose is a beauty unlike the rest. It should never be mistaken for the light orange or light pink rose. Purchasing peach roses for someone that you care about should be done with effort and care. There’s nothing as beautiful as finding the right shade of peach for that special someone. Peach roses can be given to anyone. They symbolize simplicity, modesty, sympathy, and gratitude. They’re known to be one of the most delicate and innocent roses of all, as well as one of the most beautiful.

But wait! One more thing!

Last, but not least, if you’re thinking of buying some beautiful roses for someone special in your life, there are a couple of things to remember. Just like we should love someone in the manner in which they will feel loved the most, instead of loving someone in a way that we would like to be loved, the same goes for picking the color of a rose to give to a person. Therefore, if you already know what color rose someone loves the most, I’d recommend getting that color, instead of worrying about the meanings or what that color will represent. Well, unless they’re red roses! Come on folks, everyone and their mom knows that red roses are given to express true love!

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