Saying Goodbye to the Past



When do we get to the point of, “I’ve had enough.”

When do we move on, sweep away our past, shake off yesterday’s sorrow, brush away the pain, and let it all go? When do we fully say goodbye to everything that was, and begin to live for what is, and what will be.

Why do we postpone our future for empty traces of what once was. 
Does our soul deserve such cruelty. It’s time to let go and diminish all residue of past heartache. The past is dead and gone, and has no place or right to cling to your soul any longer. Let it all go. Like a wise man once said, “The past is in the past for a reason.” If your past was good enough to you, and for you, it would’ve made it’s way into your future.

If you’re struggling with letting yesterday go, then you’re likely not ready to live for today,  and tomorrow. You need to make peace with your past so that you may move on towards having a bright and beautiful future. As well, you can’t possibly thrive and be happy in your life if don’t close the door or turn the page from your past. You can’t possibly feel good and fulfilled while living in your present state, if you’re dragging your feet or carrying any residual feelings of love, hurt, or longing from a previous relationship.

You Can’t Change People

For those who wait for someone to change or improve their ways towards you or in general, it’s important to know that life doesn’t work like that, and neither does love. You shouldn’t try to change someone or create the type of person that you want them to be. Someone is either the right match for you or they’re not. Things are supposed to flow to a certain extent in a relationship. Early on in the dating period, if you get the vibe or sense that things aren’t right, and something isn’t working, then I suggest you listen to your instinct, and view it as a red flag, instead of sweeping it under the rug.

True agape love isn’t supposed to be full of heartache, turmoil, drama, stress, and pain. When you’re in the right situation, you’ll know it by having a sense of peace, calm, and ease that exudes through you, letting you concentrate on other aspects of your life. It’s not supposed to add tremendous drama and strain into your soul. You’ll start to feel more relaxed and balanced when you’re with the right match. As far as your romantic life goes, things will seem much more balanced, and peaceful.

When you’re in the right situation, you won’t keep searching for someone better, viewing incredible opportunities as nothing special and as if the grass is always greener on someone else’s yard. You’ll be happy and content with what you have, and who you’re with. In addition, if you’re smart, you’ll appreciate that person, and not take him/her for granted. The gift of true agape love is rare, and one should always be thankful and appreciative of being able to experience and embrace something so beautiful.

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