Sealed with a New Year’s Kiss


It’s that time of year again.

When the ball drops to the ground.

Even in the darkness.

There’s glitter all around.

Traffic is so heavy.

Just like this feeling inside.

The magic is gone, it’s empty.

To relive it, where’s my pride.

New things will start to happen.

New light in the sky.

The empty shells are closing.

But nothing is inside.

Igniting new beginnings.

Starting something new.

Holding onto memories.

I wish they weren’t true.

As time goes by.

Thinking of the days.

I’m washing my hands.

So the emptiness fades.

I wish you were here now.

I wish for that kiss.

The one with all the magic.

The sweetness and the bliss.

Sometimes I feel you near me.

Even when you’re away.

Sometimes I wish you’d hear me.

When there’s no more words to say.

I know it shouldn’t matter.

And life now must go on.

But my heart, it’s all shattered.

Just another New Year’s song.

Do you hear what I hear.

Your shadow is all I see.

Can you feel my heartbeat.

It beats, but incomplete.

I don’t know why you left me.

And I know I shouldn’t care.

To feel your lips upon me.

But only kisses in the air.

Travel so far to see you.

You traveled so far as well.

But all of these nights are empty.

Like a witch had cast her spell.

I wish that you would read this.

And hold me really close.

I wish that you would mean it.

When you said you loved me most.

So now I sing this song.

I hope that you can hear.

Let’s start our life together.

In this beautiful new year.

Wrap me in your arms.

Pull me closer than before.

Kiss my lips forever.

Know me in my core.

Love me as God made me.

A pure and simple girl.

Kiss me on this New Year’s.

The best love in the world.

Anne Cohen
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