The Secret to Staying Thin, and Eating What You Want


If you’re a good person, have your head on straight, and can appreciate the beauty in others and in the world around you, you’re off to a good start. Many of us have seen people who are thin, healthy, and in shape, but tend to eat anything and everything that they want. At times, it might make some of us question, how is that even possible, when the rest of the world has to watch what we eat in order to stay fit and looking good. We may draw up our own seemingly obvious conclusion that they must have a faster metabolism. Here’s where the buzzer goes off calling you out. That’s simply not always the case.

You should never overindulge, or at least not very often. When choosing to overindulge, do so with healthier food choices. It’s important to pick and choose when to eat foods that are higher in fat content. I don’t believe in depriving oneself of cravings. I know, I know, these types of articles always go back to the importance of eating in moderation. However, the difference between all of my other articles about eating moderately and this one is the fact that I’m letting you in on a little secret. Eating foods that are high in fat is good. It’s more than okay to eat foods that are high in fat content (as long as you’re not on the verge of a heart attack or anything). Foods with higher fat content will fill you up. There’s also a secret that many of those thin people keep from everyone. They eat whatever they want, but in very small portions. They eat all of the foods that they crave, and they don’t deprive themselves by any means.

If you’re going to eat chocolate, eat it, and indulge! But, instead of eating milk chocolate or just any old chocolate, go for dark chocolate that’s healthier, as in containing 70% cocoa or higher. This doesn’t mean that you can or should eat all of the chocolate that you want, or that you won’t get fat. As well, it doesn’t mean that you can’t eat milk chocolate. Just eat in moderation and only have a taste. What you need to remember is to embrace the taste of chocolate on your tongue, eat small bites, and only indulge in a little bit of it. There’s no need to get carried away and eat a whole chocolate bar, despite the cocoa content or how healthy that particular chocolate might be labeled as. It’s irrelevant, because like I said, the key is to only eat a little bit.

Let me give you another example. If you’re craving potato chips, eat the ones that are regular as far as the fat content goes. Don’t go for the fat-free ones or even the low-fat ones. Maintain a bit of self-control, and don’t over eat any chips. But definitely go for the full fat chips, and only eat a few. And there’s no need to feel guilty about it either! Remember, only overindulge in healthy choices. Having said that, we all indulge, and indulging in naughty choices is just fine, as long as you do it in small portions. Just to make sure that you’re connecting with what I’m saying here. When I say small portions, I don’t mean one serving size when it comes to naughty things that we indulge in. I’m talking about a taste, a bite, a few pieces, or less than a handful.

Many people forget that a person’s satiety level takes 15 minutes to kick in. In other words, we don’t even realize or get the sensation of being full from food for 15 minutes. This is why it’s so imperative that we eat slowly, embrace the taste of food on our tongue, and in our mouth. Besides, when people eat so fast, it takes away from the pleasure of food in itself. Many people are unappreciative or so used to the fact that they’re eating food altogether, that they eat fast, overindulge, and don’t even bother tasting food anymore. Why bother eating naughty food unless you’re going to savour it.

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