How Self-Improvement Can Change Your Life


I’ve written before about how doing the right things in life isn’t always easy. I’ve written about how sometimes you need to bite your tongue, and refrain from saying certain things when it could cause pain in others. But what I haven’t written about is the struggle and difficult feelings that we face when making drastic changes in our lives. Sometimes, we need to make changes and sometimes, those changes consist of a complete overhaul of ourselves from within.

Self-improvement is something needed that can make our lives better. It can improve our own ways of thinking, acting, and how we view things in life. But it can also drastically improve our relationship socially, romantically, and even in business. We should all be the best version of ourselves, but usually, that’s easier said than done.

Having the will and desire to improve ourselves is imperative. But having the resilience, the courage, and the strength to work hard on making improvements can take quite a toll on people, as well as a lot of time. People who are self-aware enough to know that self-improvement is just part of life, and that it’s something that never ends, where there’s never really a finish line have a pretty good understanding of what being enlightened truly means.

It’s important to recognize our flaws in life, and the things that we need to improve on. Sometimes, we don’t even realize just how many issues we really have, or how much growth is actually ahead of us. But when we look back on our lives to even a few previous years, and if we’re the type who believes in self-improvement, personal growth, and making positive changes to ourselves, then we’ll be much more likely to notice what drastic improvements we’ve made. We need to feel proud of who we are, and just how much we’ve overcome and achieved in our lives. And just because we may have an immense amount of growth still ahead of us, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take a moment to applaud ourselves while on our journey. 

It’s imperative to admit to the fact that we are imperfect, and to admit to our flaws, our faults, and instead of sweeping them under the rug or completely remaining in denial of them. We’re all better or worse in different things, and when it comes to who we are and how think and act, or even what we say to others, we have a choice to improve it all. And many times we judge ourselves too harshly, instead of simply recognizing our issues and working hard to fix or at least improve them. Sometimes, we’re the most critical of ourselves, and especially when we’re truly self-aware. But that’s just another issue that we need to work on, because we should be proud of the fact that we recognize our weaknesses and just be willing to work hard on improving them.

People can be mean and critical of us in different ways, and from everything including what we look like, what we do, what we say, how we live, and all of the choices that we make. But remember, you don’t have to make everyone, or even anyone like you in life. Like, no, LOVE yourself enough not to give a damn what others think, especially when it comes to who you are, and even moreso, when you’re doing your best. You shouldn’t have to prove yourself to others in any way.

You be you, and I’ll be me. You live your life, and I’ll live mine. And when it comes to love and relationships, people should be kind, accepting, and less judgemental of how you live your life. Especially, when you never ask them for their two cents. Remember, everyone will always have an opinion, and frankly, sometimes, it really is better for people to bite their tongue than to hurt others with their words.

No one is perfect, but when we’re self aware enough to recognize our flaws or better yet, weaknesses and areas in which we could improve on, we’re really doing our part when it comes to being a good human. Yes, a good human! Imagine if everyone was self-aware, evolved, and enlightened enough to care about improving themselves. People would be looking within more, instead of judging people, hurting people, and even being so selfish at times. I don’t know, maybe it’s just wishful thinking that everyone will one day be willing to improve themselves. But maybe all it really takes is spreading around the message that self-improvement can make our lives better in every way. Let’s each do our part.

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