If She’s Interested, You’ll Know It


For many men, it can be hard to tell when a woman is truly interested in them. But if you really think about it, and if you’re not reading into things too much, then it’s actually quite easy to tell when a woman is striking your fancy. I decided to write this article for the guys out there that can’t really tell if a girl is into him or if she’s just being a flirt, too friendly, or not all that into him. 

When a woman is interested in a man, he should be able to tell very easily by some of the following factors. And assuming that a woman is confident and secure with herself, it should become that much easier to tell whether or not she likes you. True though, many women are just plain old flirts, enjoy getting attention, and make it quite difficult for a man to figure out whether she views him as special and is truly interested or whether she’s just wasting your time, and likes the attention. So let me start out by listing some ways that will make it easier for a man to tell when a woman has interest. 

First off, when a woman is interested in a man, she’ll smile at him. And for those women that don’t smile at a man that they like and look away out of fear or shyness, they need to change their ways ASAP, because it will only make it harder for those types of girls to find a man, and it definitely won’t let a man know that you’re interested. Many times, when a woman doesn’t smile at a man, it’s not necessarily because she’s shy or even because she isn’t interested, but it might be because she’s already in a relationship or married to someone else. So to all of the fellas out there, look at her finger for a ring, because that might be one of the reasons she’s not smiling at you.

Smiling is just one way that a man can tell when a woman is interested. If a woman likes a man, she’ll tend to laugh at his jokes, even when they’re really not all that funny. I know, I know, that’s the easiest give away that she’s interested! Another way that a man can tell, is by how much attention she gives him. Unless a woman is shady and has ulterior motives, when a woman gives interest to a man by texting, calling him, or seeming as if she’s being a bit too friendly, she’s probably interested. And when a woman is standing next to you while you’re speaking to one another, a great way to know she likes you, is by her touching you in some way. 

As well, when a woman is interested in a guy, she’ll tend to smile with her eyes, if you know what I mean. There’s something about a woman’s smile that can let a man know that she’s interested, but when she smiles with her eyes as well as her mouth, she’s basically putting it all out there for a man to see. And when a woman really likes a man, she likely won’t even be able to hide that glow, even if she tried. She might also tilt her head and watch your mouth as you speak, instead of looking directly into your eyes. In that moment, she might even be imagining what it would be like to kiss you.

When it comes to dating a woman and you’re wondering if she’s interested, when you ask her out, if she happens to be busy on a particular day or evening, she’ll politely decline, but she’ll tend to suggest a different time or date instead of flat out declining. And when you’re on a date with a woman, an easy way to tell if she’s interested, is by her not being too distracted by other things or people around you. Her attention will be focused on you and even during a moment of silence. 

Another way that a man can tell, is by her striking up a conversation first. Especially, when it seems out of the blue or something that he might view as unusual, awkward, or of little importance. Just like a man may struggle with making the first move, it also takes a lot for a woman to make that first move or to strike up that first conversation. But when a woman does, it not only takes a lot of confidence, but it’s also a great way of knowing that she’s interested. 

When a woman is interested in a man, she’ll also make time for him, even to the point that he might view her as too available. But as we all know, no one is really too available when they’re not interested. 
Men can usually tell that a woman has interest, when she goes out of her way and puts effort into doing sweet things for him. A man can tell whether she’s just the nurturing and loving type, or whether she’s making that extra effort by going out of her way to show kindness, love, and comfort to him. That right there is a great way of knowing that she’s interested. A woman will only be nurturing, loving, and kind to a certain extent, and she’ll only put a certain amount of effort into things for a guy when she’s not interested. So if you see a woman going out of her way and putting a lot of effort into doing sweet gestures for you, she might very well have a crush on you.

Now, what can be tricky, is when girls play mind games. Many women will play hard to get, or will desire a man to chase her, so that she knows that he’s into her. And although this makes it more challenging for a man to tell whether or not she’s into him, it’s all part of the dating game. So it never hurts to make the first move when you’re a guy. But if you see that a woman is playing “too hard to get,” she might not really be playing at all, and she might not be all that interested. Just remember, that when a woman is interested and plays too hard to get, she’s not worth your time. If she’s willing to miss out on an opportunity with you by playing games, love yourself enough to know that you deserve more.

When a woman is truly interested in a man, she can still play hard to get, but it will be much harder for her to stay away from a man that she’s really into. The more that a woman likes a man, the more difficult playing hard to get will be for her. That is, unless it’s a woman that you already know, have already dated, and she’s just trying to lure you in to chase her. In cases as such, where you already know a woman and how she behaves, you’ll have to trust your instincts to a certain extent. But if you want to woman bad enough, it doesn’t hurt to chase her a little bit harder to see if she’s interested. There’s nothing wrong with a little chase when it comes to going after the woman of your dreams. But when you see that she’s not biting, pulls away, acts very elusive, uninterested, and doesn’t seem very enthusiastic to be with you, then she’s probably not interested.

When a woman wants to be with a man, she’ll likely make it known by her words and her actions. And even when a woman is a bit on the shy side, she’ll still have a way about her that you’ll be able to tell, like when she smiles at you. But also, by whether she tries to keep a conversation flowing with you. Another great way to tell, is when a woman starts to ask you questions. When a woman asks you questions, it’s a great sign that she’s interested in getting to know you on a deeper level, and that usually shows great interest.

A man should never waste his time on a woman that’s not interested in her. A man should love himself enough that he values himself, respects himself, and doesn’t settle for going after the type of woman that shows no interest. But at the end of the day, and being that men are usually the aggressors and go after what they want, if a man really wants a woman bad enough, he’ll approach her, he’ll make the first move, and at the very least, he’ll strike up a conversation to see how she responds. When a woman responds with kindness, and has an attitude of interest, it’s really the all around best method of knowing whether or not she’s into you. 

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3 thoughts on “If She’s Interested, You’ll Know It

  1. King’s Pawn to e4.. Checkmate! I liked this Anni and this is why. I was talking to a young lady at a library about clipping coupons of all things. I was attracted to her but was unsure if she was liking me until I noticed she was watching my mouth as I talked, intently, and slowly her mouth came closer and closer to mine like she was mesmerized and we just lightly kissed. Both of us were surprised! We dated for awhile and remain friends today. Excellent Anni. Thanks for the memory “: )

      1. Indeed. I have found myself watching the mouth… after eye contact. I never connected it to “I like you” until your article. ?

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