Six Ways to Make a Difference in This World



We can all make a difference in this world, and make it more of a beautiful place to live in. Most of the following things listed are all routed from kindness, and more than anything, LOVE. Let’s all work on ourselves, work together, and spread love around in any damn way that we can. Please comment at the end of the article with any additional ways that you think would be great for others to read, and learn from. And remember, even sharing your thoughts with those that are trying to better themselves is a way of giving back.

1. Be a Good Person

You should be the best version of yourself. You should live in a way in which you get out of bed every morning, with enthusiasm for life and for the near sake of being alive. You should feel the desire within you to become a better person, to do more, and to give back. One of the best ways of giving back is by simply being a good person, and being kind to others. Think about what you say before you say it, and watch how you act when you do things. Kindness can do so much for this beautiful world, and it can make it just that—a beautiful world. 

2. Help People in Need

When you walk past homeless people on the street, we must first, try to see the difference between those that are genuinely in need from those that are trying to appear as if they’re in need, but merely trying to take advantage of others. Once you figure that out, never judge a book by its cover, talk to people, be friendly, and remember that kindness like I just said in number one is imperative, and spreading love can do wonders. Give back, help people in need, get food, water, blankets, clothes, or anything that you can, to help those that are in need. One thing that’s important to do, is to help people in need, instead of turning your back or looking away when you see that someone is struggling. If each and every one of us helps people in need just a little bit, we’ll be able to bring a bit of light and sunshine to others, even if it’s merely for a moment. And after all, life is merely about feeling happy in the moment. Go through your things and find out what you don’t use, things that you don’t need anymore, and realize that others could use those things and thrive and feel happier. 

3. Do Your Part to Make the World Beautiful

Doing your part means that you should not just think and care selfishly about yourself and your loved ones, but that you should care about the world around you by being loving and maintaining the environment in which surrounds you. This means that you shouldn’t litter, and even when you drop something small next to your trash bins, you should pick it up and throw it out. Does that sound silly to you? Well, it isn’t, because someone will be bending over and picking up your trash at some point or it will just add into the clutter of the world. Do things that will promote cleaner air, and be considerate of others with what you do in that regard. Again, it all routes back to being kind and loving, but not only for people, but also towards the world that we live in. Try to conserve. As well, try never to over indulge which is something that I’m well aware that America tends to do more often than not. While America tends to have this issue, and not to be harsh or anything, so I suppose I could say, just generally, when all people overindulge, there’s something that they’re not realizing in that very moment, and that’s the fact that they can indulge, without overindulging or wasting. And instead of overindulging and wasting, you should be concentrating on number two on this list, giving to those in need. 

4. Do Selfless Acts, Without an Ulterior Motive

Donate to your favourite charities, walk at events to support those that are fighting to make a difference for certain causes, and even if you can’t donate money, support those causes by walking and joining in and being supportive of those that can. Find out what events are in your area, and try to go to any of the ones that will benefit different causes, diseases, etc., and those that are looking for cures. And if you’re unable to pay any fee that they might require in those types of events, then find out other ways that you can be supportive and helpful. There are many people that are struggling and need help in this world, and if we all do our part by helping even if it’s just a little bit, more and more happiness and love will spread. Don’t do things for others because you expect something done for you in return. And never, and I mean never feel like you need the applause of others for doing good deeds. You should things just because, and with the mere intention of spreading love, kindness, and striving to be more of a righteous and decent human being. 

5. Be Kind to the Elderly

Do things out of pure love and kindness. And when you see someone elderly—or anyone for that matter—who’s carrying a lot of bags, that’s struggling in any way, help them, open the door for them, and offer your help or guidance. And you should do so, even if one, two, or many people are seem grouchy. Some elderly people tend to get grouchy, and that’s usually caused by their feelings of aches and pains that naturally develop with old age. Remember, you can only control your own actions, so don’t expect to fix a grouchy person. But what you can do, is try to be kind and brighten their day by being helpful whenever you can. Sometimes, just offering to help can be the kindest of acts, and many elderly people will be appreciative of your intention, even if they say no.

6. Smile and Be Happy

No, this is not corny, that’s all in your head. And let me start out by saying that I asked my children just now, how they feel that one can give back to society, and into this world in which we live. And not only isn’t this response beautiful, but it touched me on such a deep, deep level. Children come from such a pure place. And many times, as adults, we think that we know it all, but we need to remember that children have the purest of hearts, and they see certain things a different way, and perhaps in a more beautiful way. My son, Justin who is 11 years old, just suggested to me that we can all make a difference by smiling and being happy. And just then, it hit me. This boy is a genius. A pure hearted, beautiful genius with the purest of hearts. You see, if we all just smile a little bit more, and rid ourselves of that bitch face that has become quite the common thing amongst many people, and we simply smile more and feel happier from within, that happiness will tend to spread naturally. It can be truly hard to keep a grouchy, pouting, or mean expression, when someone is smiling right at you. Smiling is quite contagious. God I love my kids! 

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