Smile Rehab: Rescuing Your Smile for Improved Health and Happiness



Your smile can be your best or worst attribute, depending on how much you care for it. It can make you look younger or older. It can give you superpowers just as it can make you hide behind your hands when you laugh. People around you are likely to make assumptions about you based solely on your smile and its most important components – your teeth! Bad teeth are the root of self-consciousness because they affect your overall appearance. If your oral health is making you lack self-esteem, it’s time to do something about it.

1. Brush Your Teeth

Sure, brushing and flossing are only the beginning of a beautiful smile, but we all need to start somewhere. Creating a daily routine, and sticking to it, cannot be stressed enough. No matter how busy you get, you need to make time to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. Despite floss being around for a long time, it’s surprising to find just how many people ignore that part of the routine. 

The tiny floss cord is crucial for cleaning out those dark corners which your toothbrush cannot even reach. Using the correct toothbrush for your teeth is also important. Electric ones are great for removing plaque and keeping the harmful bacteria at bay, however, manual ones can do the job just as well. Try looking for a manual toothbrush that is soft because the hard bristled brushes pose a risk of damaging your gums over time. 

2. Don’t Put Everything in Your Mouth

Your parents must have told you that a thousand times when you were little. They probably told you that a healthy smile is a pretty smile, too. Consuming foods rich in nutrients will not only do your body a world of good it will also positively affect the appearance of your teeth. Besides your food, you also need to be rigorous about your beverages. Choosing to drink water will keep you hydrated and it will hopefully minimize the consumption of other
damaging drinks

Try to stay away from acid and sugar as it can seriously erode your teeth. Be careful because even beverages that are in some ways good for you, like a vitamin-filled lemonade or certain types of tea, can eat away or stain your pearly whites. One great option is to drink using a straw when you can. This will make the liquid go further back into your mouth and reduce the contact between your teeth and the harmful substances. 

3. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dentist 


Dental phobia is a real thing. It is one of the biggest, if not the biggest reason people let their smiles rot away. Needless to say, more damage is done by staying at home than going to “the chair”. Visiting your dentist regularly is crucial even if nothing hurts and it seems like nothing is wrong. Don’t let it be an excuse that you don’t have easy access to a dental office either. 

If you live around New South Wales, for example, there are plenty of professionals around that can make you feel comfortable. It is easy to find a 
dentist in Blacktown for instance, who can efficiently asses your oral health and give you advice on improvement or further care. It’s not just about getting that perfect smile, you also need to know how to keep it well into your age. Your dentist could recommend a treatment and care plan that is tailored specifically for you. 

4. Invest in Your Smile 

Even if your oral health is on track, you might not be feeling so great about the way your smile looks. In that case, consider cosmetic dentistry and other facial enhancements. That includes anything from whitening your teeth and fixing little chips, to getting fillings or
veneers, or even jaw augmentation or enhancement. Although none of these procedures are medically required,  there is no harm in using some of these enhancements to make your smile brighter and improve your self-confidence. 


In the end, once you get the hang of proper dental care, you will see that there isn’t that much to it except for regular checkups and a bit of discipline. So open wide!

Mianna Korben

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