Soulmates, True Love, and the Meaning of Life



We all hope to find our best possible match in life. But, if you think about it, there’s really no way of knowing whether or not someone is your soulmate or if they’re the person that you’re “meant to be” with. All we can really do is make an educated guess on whether or not someone is your soulmate or your “other half” based on your logic and emotions. But think about it, does defining and putting a label on whether or not someone is your soulmate really matter or isn’t the whole point just to be happy with someone? Is feeling happiness no longer good enough? Maybe it is enough, but we’re just overusing the term soulmate to the point where it’s lost its beauty and the depth of its meaning.

I realize that many people feel that there’s no such thing as soulmates. Some people feel that they have more than one soulmate. As well, a lot of people feel that there’s only one soulmate, so they’ll search far and wide, and even for a good portion of their life until they find them (or who they perceive to be their soulmate). I’ve heard that some people believe that almost no one really gets to meet their soulmate, and it’s incredibly rare, although it does happen. Again, who really knows, and who can really judge. Happiness folks… Happiness is what this life is all about. It doesn’t matter whether or not someone feels as if they’re your soulmate, as long as you’re in a happy, healthy, and loving relationship, that’s all that matters.

Life is too short to play with words, and unfortunately these days, many times people use their words to take advantage of others. Even in scenarios like this, I might add. Many times people use the word “soulmate” to gain a person’s trust, love, and for them to feel that they’re feeling utterly and incredibly close to them. When people play mind games and try to take advantage or manipulate others in such a way, it’s beyond cruel, heartless, and insensitive. This is why we shouldn’t put so much energy, thought, or enthusiasm into the words people say. At least not nearly as much as how much thought and effort goes should go into our actions.

I definitely believe that there should be a healthy balance between our words and our actions. At the same time, it’s important not to get carried away, because although words might seem powerful to some, they’re really just words. We should be kind when we speak to others and mean what we say. However, when others speak, be cautious not to believe every word that people say. Especially, when or if they want something from you. Please don’t misinterpret what I’m trying to say because being paranoid or untrusting isn’t good or healthy. But being cautious is very different than being scared or paranoid.

Being a relationship blogger, one thing that many people usually tend to ask me is what my definition of love is. I can honestly say that despite how much I write, and despite how many articles I put out there explaining the power of love and what it involves, I have a hard time giving a simple definition of what love is exactly (click here). However, I can tell you this. I think that there are different types of love. There’s of course agape love which is selfless, pure, unmotivated, and by all means the best type that there is. But, then there are different types of love that we give to different people whether they’re your spouse, partner, lover, friend, neighbour, or any stranger that you might meet.

Love is something that we should feel towards other people, living things, and even towards nature. I believe that the goal in life is happiness. In order to attain the maximum amount of happiness, a few things need to happen. All of these things include some version of love in them. I believe this is where the confusion comes from when many people get asked what the ultimate goal of life is, when they respond with love, instead of saying happiness. However, I think that ultimately love is not the goal. Happiness, pure and utter happiness is the goal. We all want to feel good and happy in life, and in every possible aspect of it. Feeling and embracing love is one of those aspects.

We all strive to get that content feeling, that happiness and inner peace that make each day more enjoyable than the next. So when it comes to knowing whether or not the person you’re with, you’re dating or in a relationship with is in fact your soulmate, who really gives a damn. Don’t get hung up on words. Especially if you’re the sensitive type. If you really want to feel complete joy and happiness with your partner, then you need to enjoy the moment, and fully embrace the love that you have together. Cherish the fact that you’ve found one another (soulmate or not).


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2 thoughts on “Soulmates, True Love, and the Meaning of Life

  1. Hello Anne,

    This is a wonderful article! From my experience as a past life therapist, soulmates are romantic partners with karmic connection. They have met in previous lifetimes and this is why their connection is so intense in this life. It also explains why they recognize each other and they feel that they have met before. Taking that into consideration, your partner is one of the soulmates and he is here to teach you a lesson. People have in their mind that perfect person with whom will have a magical relationship and they call that a soulmate. The truth is that there is nothing perfect about soulmate connection. We tend to push potential partners away just because we wait for “The One” to show up in our lives. The problem with that is that we miss opportunities with partners who are here to teach us a lesson. Even if we are looking for that one person, we will never appreciate them if we do not go through “bad” relationships.

    It was a pleasure connecting with you today! Wishing you all the best!


  2. Good article, but one thing you got wrong- Fate is what draws you to your soulmate. It’s just a matter of listening to the call, reading the signs and answering it. You don’t get to pick your soulmate; they’re chosen.

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