Starting from Scratch: Create a Cohesive Decor Scheme Without Spending a Fortune



When it comes to decorating a home, there are many options available to you. Before you jump in making decisions about how you want each room to look, it’s important to keep your budget in mind. Here are some great tips that can help you create a cohesive decor scheme for your home without breaking the bank.

Use the Same Colors Often

One of the best ways to create a cohesive style throughout your home is to use the same colors throughout it. You should start by picking a color palette, and you should stick with it throughout your entire redesigning phase. Having one color palette doesn’t mean that all your rooms need to look the same.

In your planning stages, play with colors to find a scheme that can be mixed around. As you decorate, emphasize different colors and textures in the living room than you do in the kitchen or bathrooms. Wall color will play into this. Since it is cheaper to buy paint in bulk, it’s best to stick to a couple of colors rather than finding a new color to paint every room. While saving you money, this will also help your home feel more put together and organized.

Pick Natural Materials That Mesh with Multiple Schemes

When you’re designing on a budget, one of the best things you can do is purchase decor that flows with many different decorating schemes. Some great examples of this would be metal light stands and wooden end tables. Metal tends to flow with many different themes from farmhouse to modern. Wood is always a great material to pull different themes together. Keep these safe options in mind so you can utilize them for years regardless of what theme you’re currently enjoying.

Mix Your Furniture

Where are the days of going to the furniture store and buying brand new furniture. Mixing different styles of furniture opens you up for the possibility of using secondhand items. When you stick to a set, getting rid of one piece of furniture means buying a whole new set, which can get expensive. Instead, focus on picking out furniture pieces that flow with one another. Whether they’re made of the same material or have the same color, a joining quality will make your mixed furniture look cohesive together.

Find Your Adjoining Trait

Bringing every room in your home together into a cohesive fashion starts with picking a trait that you’re going to use. This could be artistic paintings, pottery, curvy lines, a specific color, material texture, or anything else that speaks to you. Just choose what the specific trait is going to be for your home and stick with it.

You’ll want to add items that fit that trait in each room of your home.
Starting from a blank canvas when designing the decor in your home can seem exhilarating at first. However, when you sit down to do the styling you may be overwhelmed at your options and the expense. To ensure that you end up with a cohesive look instead of a mess, you should employ the four tips above when designing your decor.


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