Stop Dreaming, and Start Planning


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When it comes to getting what you want in life, you need to work for it. As a good friend of mine would say, you need to pay your dues. If you’re not willing to put in the hard work and effort towards reaching your goals, then you’re not going to achieve anything. You can’t sit around waiting for things to happen to you. If you want anything bad enough in life, you need to go after it. Sitting back, daydreaming your life away, and wishing that things were different won’t get you anywhere.

You can say that you want certain things to happen in your life, but if you don’t actually make a game plan and go after what you want, nothing in your life is going to change, and you definitely won’t achieve your goals. You can’t expect spectacular things to happen including great success and accomplishing everything that you want in life if you don’t have specific goals that you strive towards. As soon as you know what you want in life, you need to create a game plan, and work hard towards following it. Having a strategy and a game plan is a big part of what it takes to reach your goals.

Having a strategy or game plan is really quite easy. Coming up at that game plan is up to you, and it will depend on what you’re trying to achieve. But, in order to have that game plan, you need to be organized, and be in a healthy state of mind. That means that you need to take care of yourself from within by eating well, drinking enough water, sleeping enough, and staying physically active. You will only be as productive as your body lets you be. In other words, if you don’t take care of yourself from within, you’re not going to have the energy, the stamina, or even be able to put in the same type of effort that you would if you truly took care of yourself.

Organization involves being able to think clearly, so you need your brain to function at its best at all times. You’re not going to be as productive, as focused, or as successful at creating a game plan or striving toward your goals if you’re not taking good care of yourself. Once you create a game plan and you know what you need to do in order to attain your goals, you need to start as soon as possible. When people delay or postpone striving towards their goals, they’re doing so for many different reasons. But usually, it all boils down to being lazy or afraid of failure. We should never be afraid to fail in life. Many times, our fears are what keeps us from having great success in life.


Feeling tired or lazy is usually a dilemma that’s routed from a lack of enthusiasm. Many times fixing that lack of enthusiasm that you might feel can be as easy as taking better care of yourself from within, as I’d mentioned above. It’s imperative to be mentally alert, emotionally at peace, and to feel the fire that burns within you to be successful. To have true and utter success, you need to be determined and find the drive within yourself to succeed. You need to develop a mentality of “I want to conquer everything that my heart desires.” Succeeding in life is something that we all want. But, those that succeed are the ones that are willing to put in the hard work, effort, all of their love, and passion towards attaining their goals, and without much delay.

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