When You Struggle with Letting Go



It can be truly hard to get over someone that you know you have to get over, when part of you doesn’t want to give the person up. If you know that someone is toxic, that you’re toxic when you’re together, or that your relationship isn’t going anywhere, and that ultimately, you’re not the right match for one another, you should end your relationship, let them go, and try your best to move on. There’s no sense in holding onto someone or something that isn’t good for you. This includes staying with someone solely because you’re used to them, when you know that you can’t or won’t ultimately be together. 

Breakups are obviously hard on most people. But there comes a time after a breakup, when you have to say enough is enough, and it’s time to let go. It’s always a big plus to have good friends and family surrounding you during a break up. They’ll hopefully be able to keep your company, give you advice, be there for you and listen to you vent, or even to distract you while you’re going through the breakup. But then again, despite whether you have that type of loving family or social support system like a backbone to be there for you at this time, or whether you’re all alone after your breakup, just know that you’re strong enough to handle it all on your own if needed, even if you don’t have a lot of friends or family around you. 

You need to be your own backbone, and know how to comfort yourself during this time, and always. You should never have to depend on anyone other than yourself when it comes to feeling better. No one will ever know you, as much or as good as you will, and it’s important to realize that. Therefore, you should do things during this time that will help uplift your spirits, distract you, and make you feel better as much as possible.

You shouldn’t expect to instantly feel better with just a snap of your fingers, because usually break ups affect us, and take time to heal. I highly recommend staying active and working out. And if you’re up to it, do something sweet for yourself, and you can even indulge if you like. But whatever you do, don’t jump into another relationship too soon, because you need time to heal first. Remember, you need to be a whole person before getting into a relationship, so make sure that you’re healed and in a place where before your next relationship happens, you’ll be in a healthy state of mind, you’ll be emotionally available, and you’ll be able to give that person and that relationship a genuine chance by giving them a blank, clean slate.

Be resilient, be strong, and know that you have so much inner strength, and likely, much more than you could ever possibly imagine or desire. Just know this, and know that you’re not alone. You have God, and you have you. Good things will happen to you, and throughout your lifetime. Don’t lose faith, don’t stop believing, and never, and I mean never, lose hope. You must believe. Keep your chin up. Smile.

Sometimes, we just need to go through certain experiences in order to grow and become even better versions of ourselves. In time, and with much experience, we’ll become more of a balanced, and healthy individual, so that one day, when we meet the person that’s right for us, when we meet that incredible person, we’ll hopefully feel as though they were made just for us. And because we took the time to learn, grow, and heal from our past, and those awful wounds, we’ll be able to go on living, we’ll explore this beautiful world, and there will be a point when we’ll know—we’ll just know, and we’ll be with our best match, our best friend, and our one and only. 

You need to close the door, and say goodbye to your past, before you’re able to open a new door, and say hello to your future.

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