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Moderation Equals Balance

When it comes to having a happy, healthy, and prosperous life, one key ingredient that always comes to mind is balance. When you have a balanced life, you make the time for everything that’s important to you, and nothing really gets left out. That is, if the way you’re going about having a balanced life is right.

So what is the right way of having a balanced life?

Having a balanced life involves deciding what’s important to you, making the time, putting in the effort, and not concentrating on one area of those important things too much. When you live a full and balanced life, you understand the importance of moderation, and you never do things to the extreme. A successful person can easily comprehend that when you overindulge in things, you’re settling for short-term light, and long-term darkness.

Different aspects of success

One thing that successful people do in life, is not only create balance, but they also live by the belief system that moderation is the key to life. As well, they understand that success comes in many different forms. They understand that success in business is important, but that the relationships that they have in life are of great importance as well. Whether those relationships are from parent to child, husband to wife, or even within friendships. Relationships, and creating a healthy social life, romantic life, and being a healthy and loving parental figure is just as important, if not more important than success in business and work.

Another thing that successful people all seem to acquire is the ability to create a healthy and full life for themselves, and not just by making a living to which suites their elaborate, materialistic, and luxurious desires. Some people are so driven, hard-working, and maintain the will or drive to succeed, but they leave behind the fact that they want to start a family, settle down, get married, and have kids.

Many times it’s those same very motivated and driven types that become workaholics and know exactly how to make a living, but lack the desire or will to settle down and create a family. For some people, they don’t feel the need or desire to create a family at all. However, you’d be surprised at how many successful people that have established themselves in their careers, and made an extensive living for themselves, have that desire to settle down and start a life. A real life.

Distorted views of success

The point of life is not to make money or to be on top of the world. However, if this is your goal, by all means, I’m not going to try and stop you. The more power to you! But when someone truly wants to have success in their life, it takes much more than money, financial stability, and living the life of luxury. It takes creating a life where you can truly give back.

Someone once questioned me on how am I giving back to the world. As much as I knew in my heart that I was giving back in my own way, I struggled with hearing the statement. Maybe it was because I saw the bigger picture, or even suspected that the question wasn’t coming from a pure place. I couldn’t comprehend how they felt that because they were a workaholic, financially stable, incredibly driven, and living an elaborate and luxurious lifestyle, that it defined them as giving back. The person viewed their self as giving back to the world, but much more than me.

It’s true that their line of work was a great form of “giving back,” but their pompous and arrogant attitude somewhat spoke for itself. Not to mention, they were referring to “getting a job.” Although, I’m not trying to compare myself with the person, because there would truly be no value in that. However, I still struggle with their view. The fact is, that it’s true that they’d worked very, very hard in order to get to the top in which they remain (Thank God). But, when you’re over 40 something, never married, and feel the absolute desire to get married and start a family (as the person did), they’re the ones that are lacking true success in life, and they’re not giving back in all of the ways that perhaps they should (and hopefully will, for their own sake).

I suppose I’m the sensitive type, and perhaps I should’ve acknowledged the fact that they were projecting their lack of true success and balance in their own life onto me. But instead, I wanted to truly comprehend what they were trying to say. Sometimes it’s hard to decipher where a person is coming from when they speak. I can’t read minds, and I strive to continuously improve my communication skills. But still, there are people who play mind games, or that secretly want you to fail, so it’s important to think, and use your logic as to whether or not a person speaks out of a pure place. This is why it’s imperative to listen to the opinions of others, but decide what’s right for yourself.

Now that I’ve started writing for myself at Anne Cohen, Link of Your Day, The Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Vixen Daily, BuzzFeed, and some other sites as well, I definitely feel that I’m giving back more than I was, or at least as far as giving advice with no ulterior motives, etc. However, the truth remains, and that’s the fact that I’ve brought two beautiful and amazing kids into this world, and sure, it may be easy to be a parent, and yes, even a single parent like me. But it’s important to understand the power of creating, and becoming a good parent. Anyone and everyone can become a parent, but putting the effort, time, and most of all, the love into being the best parent that you can be is a very big way of giving back to your children, to yourself, and to the world.

Sometimes I get surprised by people’s distorted way of viewing what success truly is and what defines giving back. But I know in my heart that despite how others see me, I believe in myself, I strive to do the best I can with the tools and gifts that I have in life, and I try to recognize envious, hateful, jealous, and bitter people as toxic, and I try to remove them from my life. Remember, part of having a balanced life and being successful takes a lot more than simply working hard in business.

Keep this in mind as you strive towards your goals in life.

It’s important to make sure that you alter and define your priorities so that they’re healthy and balanced. As well, set your goals in life to be something that you and even your great grandchildren will say, “Wow, I’m really proud of you,” or “Now that’s a good role model.”

It’s important to love yourself, and be proud of yourself for all of the accomplishments that you’ve worked so hard for in life. But it’s also important to understand and appreciate that true accomplishments in life are not solely correlated to making money, becoming your own boss, or even building an empire. I know that some people might disagree with what I’m saying, but my opinion and feeling towards this subject remain. True success means balance, love, and putting your priorities in place. Don’t get so consumed with making a living to the point where you forget to value the importance of making, creating, and building a life.

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