Suspenders Are Hot This Summer


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The really great thing about suspenders is that they can be worn with most outfits, for most kinds of occasions, and they can send out any message you want to send.

Suspenders can be casual or dressy, serious or frivolous, overstated or understated, ostentatious or modest, radical or conservative. It is down to you to decide upon the look you want to achieve and then to choose the suspender to deliver it. One thing your suspenders will always be is emphatic. They emphasize the mood you’re in, and what you want others to see.

If You’ve Got Them, Flaunt Them

Of course, the style of suspender you choose to wear can be much of a muchness if it is hidden beneath a jacket or a coat. In the winter, the object is to stay warm and dry, and this trumps the desire to impress.

Summer, though, is a different thing altogether. With the jacket hidden away in the wardrobe and the shirt being the sole item of covering for the torso, all eyes will be on you.

This is when suspenders come into their own. Jackets, indeed any over-garments, can be a distraction even when open. When it is just the shirt then all attention is on the peripherals. They will speak loudly about who you are, so really is essential to make sure they are saying the right thing.

So, have your best designs at the ready and wear them with pride and with audacity when the occasion arrives.

Getting it Right Each and Every Time

Speaking of occasions, it being summer and the sun beating down on us doesn’t alter the fact that different circumstances still call for a different approach. If you are attending a wedding or a baptism during the warm season, for example, you need a more formal approach. In such circumstances, a wide button-down plain and dark suspender in Y-shape would be ideal for the occasion.

On the other hand, there will be opportunities aplenty for stepping out in casual gear. Maybe a pair of smart shorts and a seasonably decorative short-sleeved top, and something suitably bold which has enough of its own character to bring out both. In this instance, either an X-shaped or a Y-shaped set might equally suffice, according to taste.

At work, too, suspenders can take on an importance all of their own, even if you are required to turn up in a full suit despite the warm weather. After all, once in the office, there is every chance the jacket will be consigned to the coat stand or the back of the chair. Be sure to be seen in something which blends with the outfit, which may include a sober tie or even a handkerchief. Do remember though not to wear your suspenders with a belt, which is a big no-no in any situation – whatever the weather.

Make Suspenders Part of Your Summer Style

Life’s rich variety is still there to enjoy during the summer season – that much does not change. What makes the warmer months so special from a dressing point of view is that we tend to wear less of it. Therefore, what we do wear is subject to greater scrutiny. If you like your clothes to say something about you, picture yourself wearing them and choose appropriately.


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