What It Takes for Couples to Keep the Fire Alive


When you meet someone new, and the sparks are flying high, the chemistry is there, and you have butterflies surrounding your every move, nothing feels as good. Yes, nothing feels as good as experiencing that honeymoon type of feeling that new relationships bring. However, many people feel that as time passes by, that honeymoon-like feeling goes away and nothing will ever be as good as it once was in the beginning. Wrong. This is a completely false feeling. You see, when two people are truly meant for one another, even then, they need to continuously enjoy one another’s company, feel that fire-filled chemistry, and do things to keep the sparks flying.

The best relationships involve the best care. You need to care about maintaining what you have with one another. This includes keeping the fire, passion, chemistry, as well as the romance alive in your relationship. You should do things together as a couple. For example, having a date night once a week is something that I’d highly recommend that always couples plan out. And making sure to do spontaneous things on the occasion as well. As much as stability is essential for a happy and a healthy relationship, being spontaneous and changing things up once in awhile will keep things interesting.

You should put love and effort into doing things for one another, including sweet gestures and the little things that you think that they’ll like. And you should do so, just because you love them. In other words, don’t do things because you feel obligated. At least not when it comes to showing and expressing your love to your partner. Do things for each other because you want to see them happy, and also because you care about maintaining the happiness of your relationship. Good things take hard work, effort, and love. This is something that we all need to remember.

If you truly want that honeymoon type of feeling to last for a lifetime, you’re not being ridiculous or delusional for thinking in such an optimistic light. If anything, it’s truly possible. That is, if you care enough about maintaining the love that you share with your partner. There are couples who want to have that honeymoon type of feeling last throughout their lifetime, but they do nothing about it, and then one day, they look back and wish they had, or they might even feel as if it was never possible. So if you’re reading this now, and you’re exploring something new with someone, just remember, the sooner that you start to maintain the love, the passion, and the romance that you share, and the sooner that you put more effort into the little things that you do for each other, the more of a chance you’ll have at long term happiness filled with spice, fire, chemistry, and lots of love.

Real love changes with time and throughout the years. However, true and genuine feelings will grow with time, and won’t diminish or lessen by any means. You’ll feel that honeymoon type of feeling—if you’re dedicated to working on maintaining things as a couple. The love that you share will feel incredible, and you’ll have an amazing relationship that will feel just as blissful and beautiful as day one, but more. You’ll have that honeymoon feeling last when you’re together for the right reasons, and by how dedicated you are to improving things, as well as from the amount of love and effort that you put into showing one another just how much you care.

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