What It Takes to Embrace the Light and Acquire Inner Peace



There’s a radiant and powerful light that we’re all given which illuminates us from within. If we don’t open ourselves up to that light, we won’t be able to receive it. We need to be open to love and be in an emotionally open place so that we can receive every bit of light and goodness.

If we shut the world out, and hide behind our shadows by closing the door to everyone, everything, and every opportunity, we’re postponing living the life that we should be living, and could be living. And in doing so—hiding in such a way out of fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of judgement, and fear of falling, we miss out big time on all of the beautiful things, life experiences, love, possibilities, and people that this beautiful and great world has to offer.

Don’t close the door to the world because you feel that it’s done you wrong. Don’t stop believing that good things, or even that anything is possible. Don’t give up. We can’t direct everything that we experience in life. And avoiding new experiences and opportunities out of any type of fear will only set us back and distance us internally, and it will make our journey feel destitute, much harder to bear, and impossible to embrace.

Be open to life. And by that I mean, let your heart open up wide so that you’ll receive the light that you deserve, the light that’s meant for you, and so that you’ll be able to embrace it when it shines. I know that life can be hard, but we need to make the most out of the life that we’re given. We need to embrace our life, our loved ones, and all positive opportunities for growth, knowledge, and experience.

Life is too short to embrace misery, discomfort, sorrow, and self pity. Be thankful and appreciate for what you have in life and let yourself be open to receiving light when you’re down.
Open up the windows in your home, take a deep breath, and give yourself a moment to recoup and refresh your spirits when feeling down or alone. But never, and I mean never let yourself close up and hide behind who you really are. Don’t build that wall. Ignore the temptation to wallow or close up.

It’s that person deep inside that needs love, attention, and affection. Be open to love. Don’t be your own obstacle and dilemma of what will hold you back in life. Take ahold of the wheel and start turning and making positive choices that will open up positive feelings, positive friendships, positive relationships, enlightenment, and an openness to the light from above.

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