What It Takes to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work



There are many ways that couples can make a relationship work. And yes, even when it’s a long distance relationship. I was recently asked advice by someone wanting to know what to do in a situation where their future goals in business and work were taking them into a certain predicament of having to move far away from their partner. I wanted to talk a little bit about long distance relationships, and how they can work out, even when you’re far apart for an extended period. 

I’ve never personally been a big fan of having a long distance relationship. However, love is not only hard to find, but true love is nearly impossible to find. And if you ever find it, my ultimate advice is that you should never let it go. You should do everything in your power to hold onto that love as much and as hard as you can, without the fear of anything stripping it apart, and that includes distance. Sometimes we need distance in life for different reasons, and many times that distance is provoked by things that are out of our control. 

We should never have to forgo anything that’s important to us in life, and that includes everything from our goals and dreams, to having true success in any business or work-related endeavours. Everything that’s important to us in life should be treated as a priority, and that goes from things that are business related, things related to work or school, and yes, things that are related to love as well. Everything important to you should be treated as a priority period. 

If you have no choice but to go after your goals, which is what we should all be doing in life, then you should go after them. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you should break up with the person that you’re with or end things because you have to move far away. This especially goes for if you’re not interested in dating other people or anything of the sort. If you truly want to be with someone and stay with them in a committed, exclusive relationship, then you should do so by all means. And you should definitely promote and be supportive of your partner learning and taking on new things in life that pertain to their personal goals that they’ll have.

Never try to hold your partner back in life by being selfish and wanting them to stay nearby when their goals are taking them elsewhere. It’s imperative to be selfless and supportive of your loved one. You should always be supportive of your partner going after their dreams. But that doesn’t mean that you should break up. 
If two people want to be together, then they should do everything in their power to stay strong, resilient, and to do whatever it takes to make their relationship work. If both people in a relationship are willing to try and explore a long distance relationship, I’d suggest, that by all means, they should go for it!

Explore a long distance relationship, stay united, stay together, and support each other, even with the distance. You see, distance is a temporary thing, and ultimately, if your goal is to be together, then there’s no reason why you should break up or end things. Having said all of the above, if you’re going to be exploring an exclusive relationship that’s long distance, you need to remember to trust your partner and to give them the benefit of the doubt even more so than if they lived nearby.

Trust is imperative to have in any relationship, and when you’re far away from one another for an extended period, sometimes your mind will play tricks on you or you’ll lack that security of knowing that your partner is right there. And that’s when your love and your faith in one another can truly be tested. And that’s when you should stay the strongest, and remember that true love really can conquer all. Be supportive of your partner, and do so, by allowing them to follow their dreams. And just know, that you are part of their end result, and that dream in the end.

Make sure that you maintain as much communication with one another as possible throughout your long distance relationship. I’m well aware that with distance comes more independence where each of you does things on your own for the most part and many times with lacking knowledge of what’s going on with the other person. This is why you must keep your faith and stay strong, and know that your partner is doing everything that they can to conquer their goals. And in the process, you should know that by them going after their goals and striving towards success, it doesn’t and shouldn’t take anything away from what you have in your relationship.

Healthy and happy relationships take hard work where a certain amount of attention needs to be given. Having said that, it’s also important to be understanding that everything in life that’s important to you should be treated as a priority. In other words, just as your partner should be understanding of you and your feelings and take pride and care for you and your relationship together, you need to be understanding of your partner and how important it is to push them to strive hard towards their goals. 

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