When the Tears Start to Fall


When the tears stop falling

Living without doubt

Breathing you in

That’s what it’s all about.

Showered with kisses

Drinking grapes of the vine

Loving you to pieces

Knowing you’re all mine.

When the teardrops start falling

I know they won’t fall for long

Because part of me is empty

The other part lives on.

Tears fall from my eyes

Just water filled with pain

But the tears left in my soul

Like traffic in the rain.

As ridiculous as it seems

There’s depth within my heart

I have always been your girl

Since this world has come to start.

But you leave now, and you left me

Like a long distance friend

You leave and it haunts me

And it will until the end.

You stop me now from crying

You stop these tears to fall

You stole all my sunshine

I have nothing left at all.

Haunt me love, don’t leave me

Like Heathcliff did Catherine

Leave your shadow behind

And I’ll let it come right in.

Tighter, please, hold me

You feel just like the air

I no longer feel your kisses

This isn’t going anywhere.

Without you now, there’s nothing

An empty broken shell

I’m left here and I’m aching

But I’m cast now, under your spell.

Your shadow is empty

Your soul is what I desire

Capture me once more

Set this love on fire.

Your words are so empty

They leave me with a chill

Now you’re gone and it’s lonely

My life is standing still.

Anne Cohen
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