How to Tell That You’re Good for Each Other


There are many ways that you can easily tell when you’re in a healthy and positive situation. Usually, you don’t need a long list of reasons or ways that will show it, because at the end of the day, what it all really boils down to, is how you feel inside and on a daily basis. Do you feel better or worse, enthusiastic and energized or do you tend to feel unmotivated and lack enthusiasm or drive. It’s important that we strive towards being the best version of ourselves, and when in a relationship, we should feel whole, inspired, and to the point where that inspiration excudes from us onto our partner, causing them to feel inspired as well.

You should feel proud of one another’s success, instead of feeling inadequate, jealous, bitter, or in competition. When you’re good for one another, you support each other throughout your journey and on your way to the top of where you hope to be. Part of being in a healthy relationship, is being a backbone and a best friend for one another. You need to be able to depend on one another not only in times of need, but as a good support system for when things are going well. Being a good partner means having your partner’s back during good times and bad times, as well as when they need a shoulder to lean on, or even for a simple pat on the back to say, “well done!”

One really great way to tell that you’re good for each other, is that you both want what’s best for the other person. You compliment and bring out the best in one another. Another great way of knowing that you’re good for each other, is by how inspired you feel on a daily basis. When we’re single, we can easily motivate ourselves, and to the point where we’ll go after what we want, and where we’ll stay positive, optimistic, and feel good about life. This is something that we all have control over when we’re single. And although we always have a certain amount of self-control whether single or whether we’re in a relationship, when we’re in a relationship, we’re likely to get affected to some degree by our partner’s energy and mood.

Our partner’s mood can either lift your spirits or bring them down to a similar level as they have. And let’s assume that they’re not in the best of spirits or perhaps, not feeling inspired or motivated themselves, it can definitely bring us down to their level at times. And these things happen when we’re in a relationship, whether we like it or not, which is somewhat normal, being that we feel differently all of the time and our moods are constantly changing to some degree. But for the most part, our partner should make us feel more inspired, happier, and more motivated to go after what we want in life.

If you feel that your partner is killing your inspiration or that you’re fighting so much in your relationship, and you feel zero motivation towards going after your goals or even getting out of bed in the morning because of the weight that you feel on your chest, in your thoughts, and from all of that pressure, you need to communicate your feelings to your partner and quickly. Figure out some type of healthy resolution to your energy level as a couple. Couples that are good for one another have the ability to easily inspire each other to better themselves, to be the best version of themselves, to go after what they want in life, and to conquer their dreams.

When couples are bad for one another, they tend to feel less motivated, and even lazier, to the point where they don’t even get their every day errands done, and their daily routines go to sh**. It’s imperative that we strive towards having a balanced life, whether we’re single or in a relationship. And if we’re letting someone have that much control over our emotions, it isn’t healthy, and it’s something that we can definitely change and improve for the better.

Make sure that you’re aware whether or not you feel more inspired or less inspired when you’re in a relationship. You can always improve your relationships, and especially when love is the foundation. But also, both people in a relationship should be willing to stably and continuously not only improve their relationship, but themselves as well. If you feel as if you’re the one who’s lacking inspiration or that your mood isn’t at the level where it should be, then it’s great that you’re aware of it or at least that you’re becoming aware of it. But once you’re aware that you are the one who’s lacking motivation or inspiration in your life, do something to change it, because it could end up having a negative impact on your relationship, and I’m sure that’s the last thing that you’ll want to happen.

You need to be the best version of yourself, and to be such a great, well-rounded, and balanced individual, so that you’ll be able to be the best partner that you can be in your relationship. You should be balanced and healthy enough, that you’re able to give, and put love and effort into inspiring your partner, and especially when they need some uplifting and positive energy. Remember, we all have the ability to improve our relationships, so if you see that you or your partner is lacking any motivation, acting lazier than normal, or isn’t feeling inspired, to the point where they’re not going after what they want in life, do something to change it. It all starts with communication and having the will to improve.

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