The Basics of Temporary Warehousing for Small Businesses



There are many reasons why your small business might need temporary warehousing. You may be moving office and need to store everything for a while during the move. You might sell seasonal items that need to be stored during the offseason. Regardless of the reasons, you need to consider certain points when it comes to choosing the right temporary warehouse for your business.

The Location

Before you look at any storage, you need to consider how often you will need the items you have in storage. If you are not going to access the items for a prolonged period of time, location will play less of a role. An example of this will be the storage of files from the last ten years which you do not have to access on a regular basis. These files can be stored far away from our office.

However, if you are going to store items that you need to send to customers, you need a close location. The warehouse you choose should be close to your office or very easy to access.

Do You Need Temperature Control?

When you put anything in storage, you need to consider temperature control. If you will be storing paperwork or clothing, the warehouse should not become too humid or hot. This will damage the items you have placed in storage and you need to avoid this.

This is why you need to look at temperature control. You should find out if the conditions in the warehouse will be ideal for the items you want to store. When you work with a reputable warehouse rental company, you will generally not have any issues with temperature control.


You need to consider how much space you need in the warehouse. The problem is that most people overestimate their space needs. A lot of people rent a large U-Haul to pack up their apartment and find that there is a lot of space left. This is a similar situation.

The best solution will be to make an inventory of everything that you are going to store. You should then determine what can be stacked. The warehouse rental company that you work with can also help with this and advise you on the space that you need.

Remember to Streamline

When it comes to your warehouse, you need to streamline and reduce the repetitive travel excesses. This ensures that you have an optimal flow in your warehouse. Logic is very important when you do this.

This is something that is easier to do when you have chosen the right location for your warehouse based on what you store and your operations. You can work with dedicated warehouse operators to identify the process that will have multiple touches. Most of these touches will be unnecessary in packing, picking and replenishment operations.


Automation is vital when it comes to warehouse operations and you need to implement the right technology. This could include technology that takes over certain processes. Of course, this will require an initial investment which can be fairly expensive. However, the ROI that you get over time will make this worthwhile.

It is important to only consider automation if it will make financial sense. Where applicable, you should focus on robotic automation and database warehouse management systems.


Adopting best practices and setting up standards is important because it helps you focus on improved and lean processes. It is recommended that you work with efficient employees to come up with a list of best practices. This will help to cut the learning curve for all of your employees in the future.

The standards that you implement should encourage accountability among your employees. This will generally result in the optimization of your workforce. Your business will also function better with these standards.

Temporary Warehouses for Embarrassing Products

There are a lot of products that people want to buy but do not want to talk about. When you have a temporary warehouse, you will be able to help people get these products. You will be able to offer greater privacy and less embarrassment. The warehouse can be used for storing the products and preparing them for shipment. Your customers could also get the items delivered directly to the door in a discreet manner.

A lot of people assume that it will be easier to sell products that people are more comfortable talking about. However, you might have fewer competitions in your niche when you deal with other products. This makes it easier for your business to be found when your target audience looks for items related to your business.

Customers may also be excited by the discovery of your business and share your information with other people. However, with temporary warehouses, you will have the advantage over retailers who sell similar items. This is the fact that you will be able to ship the product to the customer.

Warehouse Rental

Temporary warehouses can help to streamline your operations as well as offer storage and handling services. The streamlining of operations will improve performance and customer satisfaction. This is why you need to choose the right warehouse provider and ensure their activities will benefit your business.

Warehouses and distribution services can be hard for small businesses. However, the right temporary warehouse provider will be able to make this easier for you. You will generally be charged for the space you use and the systems that you need in place.

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