The Best Nature-Friendly Organic Products



Weather, pollution, and unhealthy eating habits — our everyday life is riddled with many things as such that affect our overall well-being. It is often said that we are what we give to our body, and a healthy body and a calm mind only add to one’s overall wellness. When it comes to healthy beauty, nature-friendly organic products have fast gained an extremely good value proposition in the market. Environment-friendly and paraben-free, organic products have become a popular choice among individuals who prefer chemical-free products to keep their hair, skin, and body naturally healthy without the cruel effects of harmful chemicals.

Organic products are a niche segment and are often considered more expensive than everyday products, due to the difficulty involved in sourcing the nature-friendly ingredients used in them. Also, it is extremely difficult to find a store or an outlet where only organic products are sold. But one company is easing this process for customers by sourcing only the highest quality of organic products and offering them on a single online platform.

Vanity Wagon
is a one-stop online marketplace for everything related to organic beauty. It is a carefully crafted concept that brings to customers’ door the best-quality, chemical-free products that are sourced and created pedantically. With Vanity Wagon, customers receive the best of all-organic and natural beauty brands. Many well-known skincare brands have collaborated with Vanity Wagon to offer their products to customers. Some of these are Biotique, Khadi Natural, The Nature’s Co., Organic Harvest, Just Herbs, Paul Penders, Raw Nature, and MyGlamm. Vanity Wagon caters to all, offering natural beauty products for not just women but also children and men.

Vanity Wagon was founded by Naina Ruhail, Prateek Ruhail, and Sahil Shrestha—all co-founders—with the motto of introducing nature-inspired beauty products into the lives of people. Products are carefully handpicked by beauty connoisseurs and include a wide range of choices, from vegan and cruelty-free makeup and skin care to chemical-free hair care and bath & body solutions. The company was established with the vision that there should not be any compromise on health and well-being to achieve beautiful, healthier-looking skin, and hair. Making Clean Beauty the next big thing is the sole aim of Vanity Wagon. They are striving to make the beauty and lifestyle industry more environmentally aware by creating products that do not leave a large carbon footprint — products that are more environment-friendly but they impart the same (or even more) benefits than artificially manufactured products, which are loaded with harmful chemicals.

When customers choose organic products from Vanity Wagon, they can rest assure that their selected products are created from organic ingredients derived only from plant sources. These plant-based products are beneficial for all skin and hair types — dry, oily, combination and sensitive. Since all ingredients are organic and natural, these products are naturally scented with essential oils — mild and pleasant fragrances that do not have the artificial, imitation scent possessed by most chemical-based products. Moreover, the best part is that these products are pesticide-free without any synthetic compounds. Not only do these products endorse healthy and safe beauty, but also do not promote any sort of animal testing; thus, no innocent lives are tortured to make these beauty products.

Price has always been a pain point for customers while buying organic products. However, with Vanity Wagon, price only becomes secondary because quality takes the center stage. Products are very reasonably and competitively priced so that customers do not really have to burn a hole in their pocket. Vanity Wagon’s organic and natural products improve the skin and hair quality while simplifying the everyday lifestyle of customers, meaning very less money spent on other harmful products.

We welcome you to come and experience the Vanity Wagon magic and take your first step towards a clean and environmentally responsible beauty regime and lifestyle.


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