The Definition of Love


To define love…


To put it into words would be to read poetry in slow motion.

We can all interpret what love is in different ways. But in reality, you redefine it. Suddenly things will seem clear, when you didn’t know they were foggy. You just know that they’re out there, but if only you could call them, and meet them the very instant that you’re ready to embrace their love… In time, with patience. Ever so much patience. Don’t settle for less than true love. Love is something you need to put out into the world. Shout it! I want more. I want my other half, my true love, my beshert.

Whether you feel insecure from the power of finally seeing clearly or whether it’s simply too much to bear, you’re ready. I’m ready. Let’s embrace this love. Be ready. Ready to grow, and ready to fall. I’m ready for you. To experience you, to embrace you, and to love you.

From one that debates the belief of love at first site, to experiencing such an indescribable openness to a soul in such a way, with such a power, and such a connection… It’s intense. It’s wondrous. The praying, the wishing, the yearning, all for what I want, what I long for, and what I feel is destined to be mine.

You redefine the word breathtaking, as my breath has been taken. You redefine the word love, as I feel nothing less than.

When you ask me what is love to me, how can one respond. Do you not feel me. Do you not heed my soul. If you’re open, and I mean truly open to experiencing what true love is, why talk of love. But instead, breathe it in, and embrace it to the fullest. From your being unto my being, from your soul, unto mine. Not physical, but deep. Deeper than one had ever embraced in the past.

The true epitome of love is to fully embrace one to the extent where acceptance, connection, and intensity feels balanced and at ease. Love is something that needs no interpretation or explanation.

As I fall, when I fall, my soul will meet yours, and it will be clear. We will be clear, pure, and ready. All will be clear. When the fear is gone, and there’s nothing in the air. Nothing but a pink moon full of light, it will be real. It will be genuine. It will be ours.

It’s your time, and mine. We’ve waited, we’ve watched, and we’ve tasted. But to taste the purity of true love as such is new territory for us both. It will flow. It will be easy. It will be all that you want and hope, as well as all that you dream. So when you dream tonight, let go of what was, live for right now, and put the guards to rest. This is now, and this is where we belong. Together. Together we are love.

By Anne Cohen

Anne Cohen
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