The Power of Resilience


To fail again and again, to go into things with an absolute open heart, to go in cautiously, but not scared, to fail each time, yet not give in to sorrow and utter despair. Viewing every morning as a new beginning, turning yesterday’s unsuccessful love stories and relationship failures into dust, with a blank, clean slate. To take a moment, as you count each breath, staring blankly at the wall right above your wounded head. To pull yourself up, when no one is there for support. To know that this isn’t the end and merely a new day to readjust, recreate, and reboot. To gain strength from within and find nature’s resilience from a place deep, down inside. To know that it’s not over until you’re gone.

Until my very last breath, I will always believe in true love and second chances in life. Age doesn’t define us, nor does beauty. The only thing that defines us is our ability to pick ourselves up again, not give up, and be the best person we can be. To develop resilience from hurt, without having to close up and build emotional walls in order not to feel pain. Those walls will only hurt others and prevent you from finding a meaningful relationship based on feelings of love with a deep foundation. Finding true love doesn’t come easy and this world has its own time table for everything. To be busy, patient, and productive is all that one can do until that moment when you know you’re staring into your beloved’s eyes. Don’t let the heartless, unkind, demons influence or control you or your life. You are free as a butterfly, you can do what you choose and be with whom you like.

Sometimes, it’s better to be alone, rather than be with people who don’t believe in you, or view you as a failure with no hope. It doesn’t matter if people are your friends or your family, when they don’t believe in you nor support you on your journey, let them go and have faith in G-d. One can be as religious as they want on the outside, but true religion comes from within. All that one should do is be a good person, be kind to others, choose good over evil, and have a generous, loving heart. Even when you’re in a temporarily difficult situation, remember that it’s temporary. Remind yourself that things will change and progress, and be appreciative for all that you have in the moment. Never forget the person or those people that stood by your side when you were down. Remember to keep them in your daily prayers forever. I hope you’ve all enjoyed this beautiful weekend. G-d Bless.

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