The Shadow of Our Song



Sleeping at peace,

Waking up to a sense of new.

A smile, a subtle lip curl,

And a very good morning to you.

Waking up to poetic words,

Like the sound of a violin.

The echo seems loud,

My heart beating strong,

As all of this settles in. 

Is it hope, is it fate,

Perhaps a bit of the two.

Though it doesn’t really matter,

Doesn’t matter what we do. 

My shadow comes to life,

What’s left and has remained. 

Time to say goodbye,

This heart’s no longer drained. 

To get that feeling, once again,

Excited, I’m not afraid…

Maybe a little, but that’s okay.

Comfortable, in my own way.

Waiting for so long now,

If time really does exist.

My heart’s up on a cloud now,

Resist, my heart, resist!

My feelings have no shadows,

They’re true, open, and wise.

They have feelings of their own,

Though hidden and disguised.

Although I haven’t met you,

Although we’ve never touched.

My heart, it skips a beat now,

So foolish and so rushed.

Trembling and I’m shaking,

A newborn in despair.

The clouds are white and fluffy,

I know I shouldn’t care.

Does it really matter,

Are you really true.

Believe me dear, believe it,

My heart belongs to you.

The fear to hear my words,

Though all of them are true.

My fears, they come to life,

My shadow, royal blue.

Awakened from the silence,

Awake now with a grin,

Inspiring as your poetry,

The fingertips within.

The grass is really green now,

Right between my toes. 

Walking in this sunshine,

Like a beautiful white rose. 

As I put the cards to rest,

Settled, but incomplete. 

Shadows never lie,

They just haunt me when I sleep. 

Our song, I hear it playing,

In my home, and in my car.

My shadow, it has left me,

No wound, not even a scar. 

Goodbye my shadow, goodbye,

Go on and live your life.

No need for your remorse,

No need for your goodbyes.

It’s time to spread your wings,

Fly off, please go your way.

What’s now is new, and plenty,

Not just another day. 


My shadow was all that was left,

The first time that you said goodbye.

I know your shadow was too,

Maybe three, as it head for the sky.

Can you hear the music playing,

Was it something you were saying, 

You left me all alone,

Please shadow, come back home.

Anne Cohen
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5 thoughts on “The Shadow of Our Song

  1. Time to say goodbye,

    This heart’s no longer drained.

    “To get that feeling, once again,

    Excited, I’m not afraid…

    Maybe a little, but that’s okay.

    Comfortable, in my own way.”

    These words are absolutely beautiful. It makes me think about where I am, who I am, and where/who I am going to be.

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