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Vacation season is nearly upon us, which means you need to start making your beauty prep list and not forget to look all sharp for your trip. From bringing all the beauty essentials to undergoing various treatments and making sure your skin is flawless and your hair all set for hot weather, there are a plethora of necessary beauty routines you need to do before your holiday trip.

Wax the Hairs 

Body hair is one of the biggest nuances and if you haven’t had permanent hair removal treatments, it means you’ll have a lot of work to do. First, you should exfoliate the area thoroughly the night before or the morning you decide to wax. Exfoliation will prep your skin for hair removal, reducing the chance of bumps and skin irritation post-treatment. Wax your legs at least 24 hours before you expose your skin to the sun. This will prevent possible skin irritations. Always use sunblock before you go outside and make sure to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays.

Do Your Nails

Only nicely polished nails can give you a clean and poised look. That’s why you should never allow your nails to be chipped or without nail polish. This doesn’t mean you have to decide on a specific colour, even a see-through polish on nicely buffed nails will look clean and nice. However, since there are so many options nowadays, feel free to choose some of the current nail colour trends and let your nails sparkle. Whether you go to the salon and have gel polish or do your mani-pedi yourself, make sure you pick the long-lasting nail polishes that will last for days. 

Bye-Bye Fat

Excess of fat and cellulite are just some of the pesky problems many women deal with year-round. If you’re one of them, and all the dietary restrictions and training didn’t help, you should think about undergoing a non-invasive fat freezing treatment. When you undergo a CoolSculpting procedureyour fat cells in the abdomen, love handles (flanks), back, arms and the submental area will be exposed to freezing temperatures to break down fat cells. The procedure takes about an hour and requires no downtime.

Pamper Your Feet

You’ll need smooth and crack-free feet in order to rock those new trendy sandals and walk barefoot at the beach. Therefore, don’t forget to treat your feet the same way you treat the rest of your body. Exfoliate any excess skin and buff out the built-up skin on your heels and calluses. With nourishing creams and foot masks, you’ll offer your feet enough hydration and make them smooth and beautiful for the upcoming months. Pick out a flattering colour for your toenails and your sandals will look gorgeous while making your toes look much more attractive as well.

Consider Permanent Makeup

If you like doing your makeup every day, then having permanent makeup can save you significant time. You won’t have to fill out your brows, use mascara and lipstick if you opt for permanent or semi-permanent makeup to have on your vacation. With all those details, you’ll only need a bit of highlighter to make your skin glowing, having in mind that you’ll be naturally tanned after a few days. Let your skin breathe during hot summer months and avoid using foundation because permanent makeup will give you all the improvement you need. Just make sure you know who to turn to, and do your research on aesthetic clinics well.

Going on vacation is always thrilling, but preparation can be stressful if you don’t get to finish everything in time. Therefore, have this little checklist in mind so that you don’t forget to shave, exfoliate, treat your feet and schedule your CoolSculpting appointment so that you look your best at the beach this summer.

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