This Heavy Heart


Is my chance gone 

Do I only get one 

Are you long gone 

Is this really done.

The breath of your voice

On my answering machine 

Your energy is down

The mistakes, they repeat.

Calling on you

But you don’t hear me call

The traces remain 

All over my wall.

Faking the feeling

The delusion to blame

Laying next to you

Illusion is pain.

Missing your touch

The warmth isn’t there

The silence is cold

Colder than the stare.

Blank is my soul

What was once full of love

Empty the roll

The picture was lust.

Nothing to speak of

Since the day I gave you grace

No one to blame 

Just a pain I have to face.

A moment of weakness

A moment to last for good

Take me in your arms

Love me like you should.

Hold me a little tighter

No distance, pull me near

Speak to me my darling

Forever, not just a year. 

I left your shirt with you

Your scent with mine is there

But to carry it with me

The longing I can’t bear.

A needle in the hay

Your love won’t go away

If only for a day

Remind me what you say.

I loved you from the start

The empty of my heart

Complete, but lacks a spark

You left, but left a mark.

I hold you, for what it’s worth

The sun, the moon, the earth

Embrace my final touch

Cause I miss you way too much. 

Wish you didn’t go

Wish you’d picked me instead

Wish I didn’t fall

Wish I used my head.

I wish I didn’t leave

I wish I would’ve stayed

I wish I held you tighter

But the bed was already made.

Your eyes they never lied

When your words, filled up the space

The sound of the songs that sang

Became stale, in your old place.

You fed me all your words

You fed me, now I’m full

Your words, that had no meaning

With my heart, you push and pull.

You come back here for more

You go back home each time

You haunt me in this space

Come take me, now you’re mine. 

What’s mine and what’s yours

Let’s open all the doors

Forget all the past

Let’s mop up all the floors.

Leaving behind the tears

No trace of what we had

Just the lines upon your face 

And the music, it’s so sad.

The only silence now

Is the silence of when we sleep

My hands on you, your hands on me

If we listen, the birds, they cheep.

Heaven’s with us now

My Heaven is with you

No one else compares

God knows our love is true.

I’ll never say goodbye 

I’ll never let you go

We need another chance

It’s time for us to grow.

Please don’t give up.

Please don’t let me go

If you leave, just kill me now

For I’ll just die alone.

Don’t break my heart

Like you did before

Don’t leave my life

Don’t leave me sore.

An empty old soul

Is what you’ll leave

Then don’t turn back

And let me grieve.

If you leave this world

I’ll fall apart

The Heavens will break

This heavy heart.

Anne Cohen
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2 thoughts on “This Heavy Heart

  1. I can relate to your poems, they are great, trying to subscribe to your blog, didnt work, couldnt find it in my email;( would like to connect with you if possible lindakalorraineragsdale
    God bless!

  2. I never knew that you dear Anne are a poet. And I can and do relate to this poem;
    more than you or anyone can know.
    May you continue to be blessed by The Eternal.

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