Time to Ignite the Fire



Connecting with this world

Standing barefoot on cold sand

Arms beside me naked

But empty is my hand.

Waiting one more day

Maybe two or three or more

Stood in line for hours

Only one foot in the door.

Shaking, tossing, turning

Tied up in all these knots

Reading through my emails

Connecting all the dots.

Words you say so easy

You say what you hope to be

Those words they played some tricks though

Rolled out from up your sleeve.

What was it that you said

That cold and frosted night

I lay shaking in my bed, unsure

Was it really worth the fight.

Sleepless here without you

But dreading your return

Will you still want me just as bad

Or just memories left to burn.

You know me well enough

To know I’m not at ease

You left me and it’s cold

A sudden quick release.

I don’t do well with distance

So far, but we’re so close

Yet still, we play with matches

I fear, I’m missing you the most.

Started out so pretty

It was you and there was me

Charming, smart, and witty

That was easiest to see.

The desire to connect with you

Much more than underneath

Though I long to kiss your body

And watch you when you sleep.

All you have to offer

Is everything to me

Shattered but not broken

Is our love meant to be.

Anne Cohen
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One thought on “Time to Ignite the Fire

  1. Everything you are
    Is everything I need
    I miss you so much
    I only wish you could see
    Being without you hurts
    I really wish I was numb
    When I think of the things I said, I know it was dumb
    I thought I needed to walk away and not look back
    But my heart won’t let me
    Every road I want to take leads me to you.

    (Sorry, I ain’t much of a poet.)

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