Tips for Creating a Romantic Bedroom Getaway



Do you have numerous collections of dreamy bedroom interior pictures and you’re wishing for yours to be just like the ones you’re seeing in interior design magazines and all over Pinterest? If the answer is yes, it’s time you took a look at your bedroom to see how you can dress it up and create a romantic getaway without having to go to a 5-star hotel. With the following easy tips, you’ll have an Instagram-worthy interior in the comfort of your very own home and even better, you’ll enjoy it for as long as you want.

Colour Coordination

Colours that go perfectly together or match so well that they create a soft mixture of pleasing hues will make your bedroom look stunning while soothing all of your senses. Light, creamy shades such as white, ivory, eggshell and taupe will create an airy feel in your bedroom. For a subtle, clean interior, paint the walls white and introduce ivory or beige furniture. Alternatively, let the walls be a light grey shade and fill the room with white furniture. Think about adding accessories in pastel pink, orange and yellow hues if you’d like to add a bit of warmth to your neutral design. If you want to feel just like you’re walking by the shore at one of Australia’s lovely beaches, think about mixing pastel blue throw pillows with sandy beige carpets and draping and create a beach-like ambiance in your bedroom.

Window Treatments

Another wonderful addition to your romantic bedroom getaway interior would be window treatments. Depending on your style and the location of your home, you can choose window treatments that will either be more functional while also decorative, or you can opt for the ones that will only add a dose of calmness and chic to your interior. If you’re maybe living at a beach house in Sydney, then you’ll need an efficient window treatment that will be able to block the sun when you want some extra hours of shut-eye. Therefore, think about investing in plantation shutters and you’ll have a 2in1 solution. Look for affordable and quality plantation shutters in Sydney to create a romantic interior while also making sure you can avoid the daylight for as long as you want. On the other hand, long draperies will complete the look in your bedroom and complement the airy linens and light-filled room you love so much.

Unique Lighting

Lighting plays the key role in interior design, so if you want to make a perfect dreamy ambiance in your Sydney home, you’ll need to come up with a few creative lighting solutions. Do you like string lights in your backyard retreat? Well, they can look just as charming in your bedroom too. All you need to do is place them strategically and find a nice spot for them. Get an antique ladder and wrap the lights all around it, allowing them to create a perfect romantic ambiance for you and your bae. If the ladder doesn’t really match the rest of your interior, string the lights over or near a mirror. Not only will the room get the ever-needed romantic feel, but you’ll have an on-point mirror for all of the mirror selfies of your fabulous outfits.

Eye-catching Bedding

The bed is usually a focal point in your bedroom, so you should put all the emphasis on it and throw over some fancy bedding. To make sure you’ll create a romantic and relaxing place to lounge at and forget about all the worries in the world, try to recreate the bed setting from luxury resorts. Plush colourful linens or even soft white ones, whichever says romance to you will offer you the cozy ambiance you’re after. With a few throw pillows in soft hues, you’ll have the most comfortable bed ever.

Creating a dreamy romantic bedroom getaway has never been easier. With only a few soft hues and some delicate decoration such as romantic lighting, you’ll have a lovely interior to enjoy. Don’t forget the blinds for good sun protection and you’ll be able to completely indulge in the comfort of your serene bedroom ambiance.

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