Tips for Creating a Vintage-Style Bathroom



Are you tired of your old modern bathroom and you’re craving for a bit of change that will make a lot of difference? If so, then transforming your bathroom to look as if you’ve stepped inside the 1900s is exactly what you should do. It’s not actually going to be a bit of change, but it will require lots of work and effort, but if you hire experts to give you a hand instead of doing everything on your own, you won’t have any difficulty in redesigning your bathroom to look brand new with a touch of vintage.

Add Some Rustic Elements to the Floors

Vintage bathrooms are all about wooden floors and charmingly squeaking floorboards. Think about replacing your floor tiles with dark brown hardwood floors. A highly polished wood will be much easier to clean so opt for that solution instead of distressed wood. Marble print tiles will introduce a dose of Victorianism into your bathroom, so if money is not an issue, feel free to splurge on real marble. Otherwise, a marble print can look just as expensive and vintage if you decide to invest more money in other elements. Have you considered bringing in a bit of the Art Deco period? With bright hexagonal tiles, you’ll get a full-on Art Deco interior that will fit in perfectly with a vintage theme.

Update the Plumbing

A claw-foot tub is certainly one of the most common symbols of vintage décor. Swap your modern tub for a shabby-chic smooth porcelain claw-foot and bring back the 1900s instantly. You can’t imagine a vintage tub without an old-fashion sink, so invest in a detached pedestal sink that will fit in perfectly with the rest of the plumbing fixtures. If you’re not experienced in plumbing installations make sure you hire plumbing experts at Pipe Relining Solutions who know exactly how to install your plumbing without wreaking havoc on the entire home. It’s not an easy job to do, so if you plan on changing the place of the tub or a sink be sure to trust the experts instead of making a mess by trying to do it yourself.

Go With a Vintage-Looking Colour Palette

A pure white or ivory bathroom creates a clean and crisp design, which was the favourite look in the Victorian era. For a touch of the Craftsman feel, go with earthy browns, yellows, greens, and reds. If painting the walls is too much, maybe you should opt for wallpapers instead. Wallpaper featuring chic, soothing, subtle prints in floral or pastoral themes would shift your home right in the 1930s or 1940s. Having white tiles for the wainscot and cover the upper wall with oil-paints in a delicate colour is all the early 1900s were about when it came to wall design.

Add Antique Accents and Furniture

For an elegant yet vintage look, think about adding a crystal chandelier to your bathroom. A smaller fixture would be a better idea than a large luxurious one because the bathroom shouldn’t look overly decorated. Globe fixtures, votives, and boxy lanterns with metal settings are a good alternative if you think a chandelier may overwhelm the room. Artwork featuring advertising for toiletries and bath products from the beginning of the 20th century would be a lovely piece of décor but also entertainment for guests. Every vintage-inspired interior needs a little bit of hand-made, 1930s farmhouse effect so think about getting bins and containers for toiletries in unfinished, natural woods. To create a cohesive look, place antique chairs, benches and sink cabinets in the same style.

A vintage bathroom is all you need to freshen up your interior a little. With a few vintage-inspired accents, a new tub and sink, dated flooring and with an antique-looking colour palette every time you step inside your bathroom, you’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time.

Diana Smith

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