Top 12 Dating Site Red Flags


The rumour is that men are swiping right on every girl’s picture on certain dating apps. Some men are taking advantage of having the opportunity to hook up with as many women as they can from these apps. Swipe with caution ladies! A lot of men are going fishing lately! As far as some of the other online dating sites, don’t bother responding to any winks. If a man is interested in a girl enough, he’ll send her a message. Hopefully these red flags will give you some insight in what to be weary of, when choosing to date someone you meet on a dating site.

Here’s the list:

1. Anything and everything dishonest. When you email back and forth with someone online and you find out that something they wrote on their profile is in accurate. The lying only starts there. Inaccurate age. Even if they claim it’s for search purposes, it’s still being dishonest.

2. No picture. If you don’t have a picture, don’t expect anyone that’s a good catch and has a high enough self-esteem to contact you back. Be confident no matter what you look like, and post at least one or two current pictures.

3. Pictures of anything that the person isn’t in. For example, an animal, vacation, or anything else. If the person isn’t in their own profile pictures, then it shows lack of self-esteem.

4. Bad English or punctuation. It’s one thing to date someone who’s not a college graduate, but it’s another to date someone who can’t write a legible profile summary.

5. Men without their shirt on and woman in bathing suits. Leave a little something to the imagination. Unless you’re looking for a quick hook up, don’t ask for negative attention. Try writing something more meaningful and posting a few classy pics.

6. Selfies taken in a dirty mirror or pictures with an obvious amount of photo shop. Need I say more!

7. If you have kids, people that checkmark the box that says they prefer to date with people without kids. Yet, they still contact you. Next!

8. If you have zero attraction to the person’s pictures or what they’ve written. If you can’t read a person’s entire summary, move on. Nothing’s a bigger turnoff than when a man or woman doesn’t read your summary, and then asks questions that were in it.

9. Anyone who writes the word douche in their summary on what they’re looking for and what they’re trying to avoid. As well, anyone that writes bad language in anyway. Keep it classy.

10. People who write you emails signing at the bottom with only the first letter of their name. If you want someone to bother writing you back, give them your first name.

11. No effort in writing a profile summary. If someone leaves a profile summary blank or writes their summary in a negative way, as if they don’t care or have lost hope.

12. A considerable amount of people are becoming addicted to dating sites nowadays. Make sure you have a conversation about being exclusive, before assuming that you are. Make sure the person has deactivated their sites and commits to you as well. Be on the same page as the other person and deactivate your sites together, when you’re both ready. Be weary of the people that are too active and can’t wait to log back in, after your date.

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