Top 5 Amazing Ideas to Modernize Your Kitchen



The kitchen is the space that bonds the family together. It’s where we cook, eat and spend time together drinking morning coffee or discussing important family stuff. Therefore, it’s necessary to make sure that the kitchen is in top condition so it’ll be able to endure the test of time. That’s why it’s important to focus on making it look modern without sacrificing quality and endurance since they’re the crucial aspects of every renovation. Now, if you have a kitchen that’s been due for remodeling, here are some ideas that will help you modernize it and bring it to life:

1. Change the Countertops

Old and used countertops are often the reason why kitchens looked run down. So, if you’re planning to renovate your kitchen, it’s advised to start with countertops. You can opt for marble, granite natural stone or any other variation, as they all have various price ranges for every budget. If you feel like experimenting, you can also play with tiles, concrete or bricks, considering that many designers have become more open to trying out different styles. Countertops can change the way the kitchen looks and feels, especially since not many people prefer to make meals on the worn-out surface that is beyond any repair.

2. Add a Sitting Area

There’s no proper kitchen without a comfortable seating area when you can have a break and indulge yourself with a cup of coffee. If your kitchen is smaller, then you can have only one table with two or three chairs, as that’s more than enough. A place to seat is especially important for a busy family, and for those who struggle with space, adding a breakfast bar and countertop stools are a great way to modernize your kitchen and still make it look warm and family-oriented. Additionally, you can adorn the table with a cute, Bohemian looking tablecloth and make sure your chairs are more comfortable with soft and elegant sitting cushions.

3. Upgrade Your Hardware


Unfortunately, most people are too focused on cosmetic renovations, that they often neglect to take care of what really matters: hardware. After all, using old products can be unsafe and risky, so if you have issues with outdated appliances or powerpoint switches, then it’s definitely the time to consider getting new restoration hardware that looks and works just as well as those you’ve previously owned. Metals are always the great choice, as they look luxurious and fashionable, so if you’re planning to replace your old doorknobs and drawer pulls, feel free to choose between copper, brushed gold or stainless steel.

4. Get Organized

The kitchen is often the place that is most cluttered in your home. And if you’re planning to revamp your kitchen, then you need to have a big decluttering session first. Make sure to organize your kitchen items so you’ll know exactly where to find them the next time you need to use them. If you don’t have a pantry, then you can use old storage boxes and mason jars to organize the food that you don’t eat at the moment such as pasta, canned meats, and rice. Similarly, try to become more organized overall so your kitchen will look well-kept and tidy at all times. In case you’re someone who is more laidback, then you can look for some valuable advice that can help you get started.

5. Don’t Forget to Decorate

You can have the most beautifully designed kitchen, but adding the right decoration pieces is what makes any kitchen come to life. For example, various colorful fridge magnets and kids’ drawings can make the kitchen feel lived-in and warmer. Also, adding tiny flower pots and proudly displaying your family heirloom will make everyone feels more comfortable and relaxed. Remember that the kitchen is meant to be the place for the whole family, so don’t forget to add little details that will make it look homely and lively.

Renovating your kitchen to make it look more up-to-date is something you should definitely do, but also keep in mind that there’s no need to rush, so feel free to take your time and research all the options, until you’re ready to make the final choices. Also, always make sure to start with the most pressing of renovations, such as replacing the old and used hardware, and always leave the cosmetic repairs for later.

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