Trending Couple Jacket Ideas for 2019



Couple outfits are in trend from a couple of years and it doesn’t seem to go out of the trend this year as well. Every couple wants to wear kind of the same outfit on every occasion as it will indicate their love and trust for each other. This is the thing that you can also invest in as this trend is not going to end for more couple of years. The same is for jackets and hoodie. Last year everyone rocked wearing a
Couple Jacket or hoodies. It can also be used as a gifting thing to your partner on an anniversary, birthday or Valentine.

There Are Some Jackets That Are in Trend This Year. So Why Not Get Matching Jackets This Year?

Or you can customize it as well. It sounds amazing, right? That’s why We came up with something new this year. No one wants to repeat what they wore last year or last to last year.

Trench Coat


Trench coats are one that is long in length. This year they are in trend. You can get Trench Coats from anywhere. They are available in different patterns. You can opt for a Double-Breasted trench coat they are highly demanded pattern of 2019.  For making it jacket for couples, all you have to do is to get both yourself the same color and pattern trench coat. Prefer colors that are in fashion nowadays like Teal and Blue or you can select Black this color will never go out of fashion.

Puffer Coat


Puffer coats are also in fashion this year. For women prefer cropped Puffer Jackets and men you can go for a regular puffer jacket. If you want to add magic to your wardrobe get yourself a reversible puffer jacket. It will not only add magic to your wardrobe but also it will double up for outfit.  And choose military print or any print. Prints are back in trend. If you are planning for long term investment you can go plain colors as well but get colors that are for forever. You can get the military print in both men and women puffer jackets.


Blazers are used both by students and officers. Many schools prefer having blazers in their uniforms as they define decency. And they are also the thing that can be worn in formal wear as well as party wear. But nowadays casual blazers are also available. Many people are seen wearing casual blazers to outings. Get a blazer for both of you so that you can wear it when you go for an outing or even if you are heading to an official meeting no matter together or differently. You can select blazer with the same pattern and design with a similar color palette or different. It will still look like a couple jacket when you will wear it together. And go for printed blazers, mostly geometrical print like lines or checkered.

Boucle Jackets

Boucle jackets are made of Boucle fabric that is heavyweight fabric. So these jackets are considered to be of superior quality and also give a royal and rich look to whoever wears it. You can also wear to your workplace. And in boucle jackets, tweed boucle jackets are best and they are in fashion too so obviously you should go for that one only. Printed tweed jackets are also available. There are some printed that both men and women can wear and one of them is tribal print as you are looking for a couple jacket you should choose tribal print jackets for both of you. This way you both will be able to wear it without any hesitation.

Denim Jackets


You can definitely get a denim jacket for you and for your partner. Who doesn’t love denim jackets? And you can easily get denim jackets for a couple in stores. Yeah, you will be having an option between normal, washed or ripped. And for pattern, you can go for trucker jackets, funky ones or a totally decent one. Cropped or gym style denim jackets are also in fashion. Anything will go for this years trend. You can also customize your denim jacket’s with amazing love quotes or cute stickers through digital printing or hand painting. Don’t want to go for any of these, its okay get yourself stripped denim jacket.

Leather Jackets


Leather jackets are something that everyone has in their wardrobe or want to have it. This is a perfect time to get leather jackets for yourself and for your partner too.  If you want to use it as a biker jacket get a jacket of thicker leather. There are many brands that are making similar leather jackets for both men and women. You can just buy them. Customization can also be done on leather jackets like you can get a cute couple sticker printed on both of your jackets or you can get printed some texts like “Opposites-Attracts”, “Partner in Crime”, “ Mr. (surname) – Mrs. (surname)”. This way it will be your couple jacket.

Bomber Jackets


You can select bomber jackets as well, as they are very comfortable to wear. Customized Bomber Jackets are also available. On the back of bomber jacket get printed Mr. on your’s and Mrs. on her’s. Different texts are “His’-Her’s”, “Her Buck-His Doe”. Couples on a honeymoon can get “Just Married” printed on their bombers.

Hoodies/Pull Overs


Hoodies or pullovers are very popular among youngsters as well as adults. They have achieved a new level of preference in past years. If you don’t want to get jackets just go for hoodies or pullovers. Customized hoodies and pullovers are already available on online websites or maybe even in stores. But if you want something different this time, personalize your hoodie or pullovers with phrases instead like “I am olive to his pizza” and “she is olive to my pizza”. There many cute phrases like this go for those ones. Or you can choose to get cute emojis too.

These were the ideas from which you can customize a
Couple Jacket for you and your partner. And for more such amazing ideas visit Fashionterest.


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