Two Things That Can Make Your Relationship Incredible



Relationships involve so many things in order to be successful. They involve everything from being selfless and giving to understanding, loving, affectionate, honest, having great communication, and much more. But two things that aren’t my most written about usual foundation pillars for a great relationship, and yet are the two very things that will make a relationship incredible. These two things are what I want to tell you about and elaborate on why they can make or break your relationship but also why they can improve it so much.

1. Laughter and Lots of Smiles

When it comes to good times and bad times, laughter is what can save your love. If two people truly love one another and care about making their relationship work, they need to keep the smiles around as much as possible. Happiness and laughter are essential in a relationship. Every single one of us has gone through ups and downs in life, and has even struggled and felt at their worst at times when nearly nothing can make them smile. If couples can learn to see the good in what they have, and appreciate all of the little things as well as the big things, they’ll be much better off and much happier in the long run. There is always a good reason to smile and laugh. Laughter can truly save a marriage or any relationship from things getting worse and worse.

Whether you have to turn on the Netflix and watch comedies together, or whether you have to drive yourselves to The Comedy Store, you need to laugh. Smiling will brighten anyone’s day, and when you and your partner need some sunshine and light in your lives, laughter is the best medicine. Things don’t even have to be that funny, they just have to make you both happy. If you need to recover from a bad mood, recover, then come back with an open heart, an open mind, and find ways to make each other smile.

Sometimes, couples get so busy or so worked up in their day to day lives that they forget to have a little fun and enjoy life. Couples should always have a date night, and at least once a week. As well, there should be some travel time. Even if it’s merely a day trip or a long drive to the beach. Enjoy life and bring out the best in each other by being optimistic, light-hearted, and more than anything, by appreciating all of the good things you both have. Find the comedy in things when you can, and it really doesn’t matter if you end up acting like little kids and tickling each other, but find ways to laugh and smile.

2. Be Giving and Selfless

We all have our own wants and needs. But when you’re in a relationship, you need to consider all of your partner’s wants and needs too. You simply can’t be as selfish as you might be when you have another person to please. You don’t necessarily have to please someone else all of the time or even have things their way or your way. But you do need to compromise and agree more than you disagree. You have to genuinely want to see each other happy. Find things that you both like, that interest you both, and whatever common interests that you may share. However, on those certain things that you disagree on or when you have different preferences, learn to adjust and compromise, and try to be giving whenever possible.

When couples focus on giving more than receiving, they tend to be happier. And mostly, it’s because when someone gives a lot, they naturally tend to receive. Unless that is, people are very selfish or if you’re in a one-sided relationship where someone only cares about themselves being happy and feeling fulfilled. But generally, if people give, their kindness and selfless ways will naturally tend to be reciprocated. There should be a balance where it doesn’t even have to take much effort because, at the end of the day, you both care about each other and want to make your partner feel good and satisfied.

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