Up on a Cloud With You



I wish I never made you smile,

And I wish I never smiled back.

I wish I never made you laugh,

Wishful thinking.

Wish I could just turn back.

I wish I never made you music.

Some albums, too deep to bear.

I wish I didn’t carry you with me,

The reminders are everywhere.

For what it’s worth,

For what I feel,

I’m a mess, when you’re gone.

When you’re gone,

You’re home, but not alone,

It hurts, but I must stay strong.

All alone, and thinking.

Why am I feeling sad.

Foolishly remembering,

All of what we had.

Every single note I feel,

Every feeling, everything.

You are mine.

I am yours.

The Story’s ours to sing.

Everything that I feel,

Every pain I conceal,

You are to me what’s real.

You took my breath,

There’s aching in my soul,

It’s a bargain, a damn good deal.

Pondering now.

It’s been so long,

Forever takes its toll.

Never wishing,

You’ll come back home soon.

Nails driving through my soul.

This knife nearly burns,

These matches cut deep,

There’s fire in my veins.

Completely incomplete.

This page rarely turns,

Baby please hold me.

Up on a cloud,

I think of you only.

There’s fire in my soul,

This love will never die.

Beyond a melody,

Like clouds up in the sky.

Our lyrics are complete.

In the passion of this song.

Walking hand in hand,

Down empty streets,

In a place, we both belong.

Remember that, I told you so,

Please watch now, where you stand.

Sometimes we fall,

When we should’ve looked closer.

It’s O.K., just take my hand.

I’m all you have left,

You’re all that I’ve wanted.

There’s no shame, I’m not too proud.

Cause when I’m with you,

All seems so clear,

You’re my Heaven, I’m up on a cloud.

Anne Cohen
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2 thoughts on “Up on a Cloud With You

  1. Beautiful poem . it poem is of your heart
    Thereโ€™s fire in my soul,

    This love will never die.

    Beyond a melody,

    Like clouds up in the sky.

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