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Many people admire video games. For some, they became another life. In the virtual world, people feel more comfortable as they can create their fate; they can be the ones they want to be. Video games are something far more than just a kind of entertainment. Considering the fact that today we have many international competitions in different video games and the variety of the video games, it is possible to make a decision, that video games became an essential part of human life.

These days, video games can be used as a way of sharing information, communicating, and expressing the emotions. Some people use video games to throw tantrums, to get away from the negative energy, to arrange their thoughts and their fury. On the opposite side, many gamers use the video games as their hidden place, the place where they can find the calm, the remuneration, the fame. Moreover, different surveys and experiments, included in papers and thesis writing, prove that video games positively influence people’s abilities, such as a logical thinking, an action in stressful situations, motor skills, and many others. That is why some learning processes include video games as driving simulations, shooting games, strategies, and so on. 

English in Video Games


Alike for the movies, books, songs, and writing papers, English is the most popular language for video games. As an international language, it helps to involve more gamers from all over the world. The good thing about using video games for improving your English is that you learn as a baby. Which means that you do not use any dictionaries or someone’s explanations. You simply follow the game and make conclusions. For example, if the task in the game is “collect all pieces of the artifact,” you may not understand each word. However, when you continue to play the game, you start to understand the meaning of that task from the context.

Another good thing is that in the games they usually use a simple language without idioms and slang. It is not the paper writing or some science book that requires a special vocabulary to understand it. In addition, the voice over in the video games is pretty clear and accurate. Thus, you can take over the correct pronunciation as well as the spelling of the common words. 
Furthermore, when you play a video game in English, you practice thinking in that language. You do not have time to translate every word and each phrase in your head, so you just perceive it as you hear or see it. Consequently, when you think about something that you have to do, you use the same terms. 

How to Improve Your English With Video Games

If you are the one who likes video games, you will definitely like the idea of improving your English that way. To get more from the game, try to read all the instructions that are given to you. Even though many fans of video games skip the dialog and instructions in the game, you have to read and listen to that carefully. If you cannot understand something, make a note and check if you can find it out during the game. Thus, you will be very focused that is good for both playing and practicing English.

In addition, many educational video games provide you speaking and writing service help like yourwriters, so you can better your vocabulary, and strengthen your grammar base. It is a funny and easy way to retain the new information.

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