Wedding Photography: 4 Things to Make Sure You Look Your Best in Every Click



Weddings are something that a person plans years before it actually happens. People often have plans for the way they would look, how they’ll decorate the event, what location would it be in, the color of their dress, wedding theme, cake and what not!

Being the one person, the center of attention and then days later you get to see your pictures where you look nothing as you imagined. How would you feel? Maybe want to kill the photographer or the makeup artist or maybe the designer, there are so many reasons why that nightmare can come true.

Just to save you from all such nightmares, we present a few tips that might actually help you look like the fairy princess or the prince charming you actually are.

Plan Your Dress

No matter how much you like that white dress you saw first, do not buy it at once. This day is so special and it comes once in a lifetime so do not rush! Take your time, relax, move on to other dresses, and look at the shape, texture of the dress, material and the color.

There can be so many different shades of that perfect wedding dress but choose carefully for what shade you want to go with. You should always choose the one subtle color that goes with your skin and compliments it in every single way.

The second factor you should consider before buying that perfect dress is the material and the overall texture of it. Does it have flares? Does it compliment your body structure? Often a silky gown does not suit some but would look gorgeous on others based on the skin tone and the structure of the body.

Before purchasing a dress look at all the aspects and that includes the fitting too! Too loose or too tight would make you look exactly like the way you don’t ever want to imagine so just ensure you fit into the dress perfectly.

Lastly, buy a dress that gives you the feels that yes this is it! But only after trying it numerous times. As a dress might seem a lot different when you look at it as compared to when you actually wear it. All these factors combined would provide you a lovely gown, perfect for that big night you’ve been planned for years.

Take that Perfect Glow

Secondly, you need to have that glow that comes naturally. Thanks to these makeup tutorials, it’s a lot easier to get that contour right but does it suit your face structure? No matter where you get your make up done from, you need to have the right amount of it on your face.

We often tend to put in a lot of thought and end up becoming a cake. What we need is just the right amount of everything and you are good to go. Normally brides go for a more subtle look that compliments their wedding gowns, therefore, you need to plan your shades in a contrast.

Just imagine, putting up a dark pink eyeshade on a white dress, doesn’t it seem too awkward? That’s what I am talking about, try going with nude shades and some good quality shimmer to keep that glow alive.

As this would be a long event, you need to check the quality of all the products you use. Cheap makeup often results in a messier look than the one you intend to put on. Another important factor you need to consider is that all the colors you apply compliments your face.

It is extremely important for your face to look the same as your neck, hands, and feet! So test before buying that foundation and you’d end up looking great!


The third factor would be the location you choose for your wedding. Where exactly would it be? What will be the timings? The weather conditions? Etc. For great pictures, we need to ensure that we come up with an ideal location. The location should be nearby and be as natural as possible.

The location should be as lively as possible to level up the pictures of your wedding. Wedding themes play a very important role here, roses play a more passionate, strong look as compared to lilies. Lilies play a subtle, romantic and charming look, as innocent as it can be.

It is way too important to come up with a focused theme with an excellent color combination of the stage and the seating, making the wedding look beautiful.

The other thing you need to consider is timing. People usually prefer as much sunlight as there can be while taking pictures as light enhances the overall effect of the pictures. It’s essential for you to decide the exact timing for that perfect photo shoot.

You also want to consider checking the weather forecast before planning that big day as a perfectly sunny day can become super rainy in just a flick. You would never want it to rain on your perfect day which is why you need to be super sure that the day remains as sunny as it can and it should.


Lastly, choose your photographer very carefully. These days we see every third person clicking pictures with their DSLR but do they actually know how to use it? If you think about it, that’s simply not as good as hiring someone who specializes in taking beautiful shots. Consider hiring a professional such as Orlando wedding videographers always come prepared, often with a second shooter, in case the first one misses any shot, and the second one captures it.

Carrying sufficient equipment is another factor that might save the day. Therefore, professionals always carry equipment to cover the whole event successfully.

To sum it all up, there are many factors that can make up for perfect wedding pictures or totally ruin it. What we have listed here are some of the obvious areas where you could invest your time, money and energy to make everything go as smooth as planned.

There could be many other factors too that can enhance those pictures in many ways. So always plan your wedding months ahead and cover all that could go wrong, come up with contingency plans in case plan A doesn’t work.

Weather forecast can go wrong even if it showed to be sunny all day so that’s just an external factor where you can’t do much but you can come up with alternate solutions to cater such a problem.

All in all, practice makes a man perfect and that comes with the appropriate amount of planning events. Therefore, plan, plan and plan for every minute of your wedding.


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