Wedding Stories: A Dream Shoot in Europe



Many people plan on getting a dream photoshoot done once in their lifetime. Europe has many beautiful countries with amazing landscapes. There are various things to decide on when it comes to photo shoots, the destination, photographer, outfit, etc.

Sometimes, couples opt to have a pre-wedding photoshoot, some plan for a destination wedding, and some also feel like having a casual dream photoshoot. Styles of photoshoot can vary, and decisions can be made depending on what sort of photoshoot one wants.

Locations and Venue for Photoshoot

People are very skeptical when choosing a location. They quickly decide that they do want to get their photoshoot done in Europe, but which country? Europe is full of beautiful, exotic places. It becomes very hard to decide on where to get the photo shoot done. You just don’t need to look at how beautiful a place is, there are also many other factors such as weather conditions which you need to consider. Here’s a list of some countries in Europe which are glorious and remarkable for photoshoots.

Trypiti, Greece

This place consists of White Washed Cycladic architecture and delightful beaches. You may have seen this location in many movies and it looks wonderful! Now, imagine having your wedding photo shoot at this beautiful location. It would be a dream come true!

Iceland, Vík í Mýrdal

Vik i Myrdal is located in Iceland. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and greenery. The weather depends on which season you decide to visit. Vik i Myrdal is a romantic place for a photo shoot and you can hire an Iceland Photographer who knows all the perfect angle shots for every location.

Belgium, Flanders Field

This is known to be the most romantic place for pre-wedding shoots. Many couples travel from across to the world to get their photoshoots done here. It’s full of vivid red flowers, which are a delight to the eyes of viewers. This place is popular for its field full of flowers. This is the most suitable place for a couple who love nature.


You must have heard of this place for having the most beautiful waterfall on earth. The waterfall is surrounded by evergreen mountains, which makes it look like heavens on earth. In the past year, it was known to be the most visited place by tourists around the world. This is also suitable for wedding photoshoots due to its scenic beauty.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Whenever we hear this country’s name, mountains and snow suddenly pop up in our heads. It is surrounded by mountains, forests, alpine meadows and glaciers which makes it the ideal place for a dream photoshoot. If a couple loves winter and wants to have their wedding photoshoot surrounded by snow, Switzerland is the best option.

Relevant things to Consider for a Photoshoot

It’s not like one day you get up and see pictures of your friends having a pre-wedding photoshoot in Europe and you decide that you want to have it too. It’s not as easy as it sounds, there’s a lot of planning which you have to do for a successful destination photo shoot.

Here We Have Listed Some of the Most Important Things to a Successful Yet Memorable Dream Shoots.

Employee a Competent Photographer

Getting yourself a considerable photographer is the most vital part of the whole story. As a photographer can make or break the whole photoshoot. There are many photographers in Europe who take pictures professionally.

It is always recommended to conduct a detailed analysis when it comes to choosing a photographer. It is always better to go through their portfolio, to see whether he/she has conducted similar photoshoots in the past. You need to make sure that the pictures match your demands. Remember that this is your dream photo shoot, you need to put out efforts on making everything nothing less than perfect.

Look Your Best

So, the day has finally arrived and you’re posing for pictures, but the weather is really hot and your makeup keeps melting. What can you do to resolve this issue? You definitely need to look perfect in your dream wedding photoshoot.

This means that a makeup artist on spot at the photoshoot location is needed. These days, everyone opens makeup tutorials on YouTube to learn the basic tricks and start calling themselves MUA. You need to look for someone who is a certified makeup artist.

Someone who can Translate

Since it is Europe you would need a translator due to language barriers which exist between countries. You won’t be able to understand what the photographer is saying as not everyone is equipped properly with the English language. At a situation like this, a translator would be a great help, so start looking for one to avoid any communication problem at your photo shoot.

Plan the Reparations of the Shoot Beforehand

There’s no use of shedding tears of going broke after your dream shoot. It’s always advised that you pre-plan before leaving to your destination. Taking extra manpower along would only add up to your expenses further. First, consider your budget and then start allocating your expenses in accordance to avoid any discrepancies.

Useful Insights for a Dream Photoshoot

Europe has always been a popular tourist destination and it is gaining recognition for having dreamy photoshoots. One great benefit of going to Europe is that you can explore as many countries as you like. It’s not just a photo shoot, it’s a vacation!

However, it’s not as easy as it may sound. Europe is quite expensive, you need to have a lot of savings to opt for a photo shoot. As there is no point of going broke right after the shoot. You need to look into your budget before selecting the destinations to avoid any mishaps. Destination shoots mean a lot of preplanning, you even need to take weather into consideration as Europe has a cold temperature. You can just have a photoshoot in snow and call it your dream shoot. Before planning your trip make sure that you’ve taken all factors into accounts, whether it be your budget or weather of the destination of your photoshoot.


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