We’re Meant to Be



Sometimes I see you.

Even though you’re not around.

I’m the only one who sees you.

Your soul, your essence, song, and sound.


If you only knew better.

No matter what I said.

No matter what you were told.

The way you held me on your bed.


If you bothered to read my letter.

If you cared enough to look.

It was right there, written in bold.

I’ve always been an open book.


Mine to be, we’re meant to be.

I want you in the end…

You’re in my life, that’s not enough.

I’m not a rubber band to bend.


Save me in your heart for keeps.

And tuck me in your soul.

Free me of all misery.

Pull me out of this empty hole.


You know me very well.

My heart is six feet under.

You tell me not to care.

But it’s killing me like thunder.


Your moves are well thought out, but free.

You watch me brush my hair.

You see all of the little things.

In a blink, I feel you stare.


Listen to the music.

Loving you, I’m easy to bleed.

Feel me, love me, touch me.

The lyrics are easy to read.


I wish that I could touch you.

And mold you to be mine.

I wish that I could heal you.

I can heal you, just give me time.


But what I cannot do, is steal you.

To steal what isn’t mine.

But I know that you are mine.

Just not, all of the time.


I often sit here and ponder.

Why didn’t you pick me.

Was I not good enough.

So you had to set me free.


Why do you want me now.

Now that I’m not number one.

After you’ve found someone else.

I’m just a shadow of what’s been done.


Now that I’m tired and old.

As you still contemplate lying here.

I waited a lifetime to have you.

While some people just wait a year.


Age is just a number.

Hair will soon turn to grey.

I will get many lines on my face.

But my eyes will always love you the same.


I’m glad that you hear me now.

You seem different, and that’s good.

What was missing before, my friend.

It’s now complete and understood.


You’ve always had my heart.

Since that very first day…

When you leaned up against my car.

Your sweet breath upon my face.


I feel you late at night.

I feel you in the day.

When you’re not here by my side.

I wish my thoughts away.


I cannot bear to miss you.

But still, you go away…

I’ll wait for you right here.

I know, one day you’ll stay.


Reckless is this heart.

This aching, beaten soul.

Reckless are my thoughts.

These beatings take their toll.


For you never really beat me.

You only beat me in the game.

And my skin is getting old.

But my feelings are the same.


I’ll wait for one more kiss.

To melt right in your arms.

Please hold me in my madness.

Let’s turn off all alarms.


You always have somewhere to be.

But I know, you should be with me.

A blind man can still fall in love.

Wake up blind man, we’re meant to be.


Take a moment now to think.

Take an hour, please take your time.

Tick tock, the time is now.

Now I want you to be mine.


Don’t worry about me now…

It’s too late for what could be.

All I know is, the loss I will feel.

If I can’t have you here with me.


My heart, please don’t let go.

Unless, it’s here with me.

Let all your feelings show.

You know, we’re meant to be.


Please stop making up excuses.

For why you can’t give in.

They ask, why I won’t give up.

Leaving your soul would be a sin.


I would wait a lifetime.

I want you here, here in the end.

Enough of the wait, get on with the show.

These kisses to you I send.


The gift of you is forever.

Forever mine to be…

My heart is yours, your heart is mine.

Wish you were here with me.


Please don’t leave me lonely.

Standing there in the dark.

My beaten love, let me close all your wounds.

We will always have a spark.


You’re magic to me, my love.

My sun, my moon, my rain.

My warmth in the winter cold.

I’ll always feel the same.


I know what makes you happy.

Please tell me what I miss.

I feel you through my body.

Don’t you feel it in our kiss.


I want you to be happy.

Even when you’re not with me.

I’ll pray for us to laugh.

And to build a family.


Let them open the double doors.

Hold my arm, let’s walk down the aisle.

Take my hand now, put it in yours.

Let’s start our life with a beautiful smile.


We’re meant to be.

Anne Cohen
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