What Are Serums and Do You Really Need Them?




The beauty industry is developing at a rapid pace, which is great as this development creates new more effective products. However, the abundance of serums, lotions, emulsions, capsules, and other types of beauty solutions available on the market can get confusing fast. Do you really need all of them? Which will help deal with your specific issues? Which are the most effective?

Serums stand out among the myriad of beauty products due to their ability to produce incredible results. Therefore, they definitely should be in your arsenal. However, to achieve those promised results you’ll need to pick the right kind of serums.

What Are Beauty Serums and Why They Work?

When you are looking to enhance your beauty with a highly effective solution, you will encounter two types of serums, one for face and one for hair. The first important thing to understand is that these are very different types of products.

Facial serums, by definition, are very light solutions made up of tiny molecules of active ingredients. They are a favorite of many beauty professionals because their chemical structure allows for deeper and faster penetration. This means that they get into your skin and nourish it with active ingredients on a deeper level. This is the reason why they are so effective and provide noticeable results within days.

Depending on the ingredients used, facial serums can produce a variety of effects. The most popular types are moisturizing and anti-aging serums. They nourish your skin with elements like hyaluronic acid, peptides, ceramides, etc. As they contain large amounts of these active ingredients and not much else, face serums are rather expensive.

The important thing to know about this type of serum is that it’s not a replacement for a moisturizer. These solutions are very light and usually water-based. This means they soak right into your skin and the excess of the product evaporates fast. Therefore, without a moisturizing cream that creates a “shield” on your skin to keep the moisture in, the efficiency of the serum will reduce.

Hair serums, on the other hand, are the exact opposite in the way they affect the area they target. These usually are silicon-based products that coat your hair with a thin protective layer and help condition it. Hair serums are extremely versatile, as you can see here, so you can find one to help deal with any problem you might have or to enhance the natural beauty and shine of your hair.

These products are often sold alongside hair oils, so many people get confused and think that they are similar. However, there’s one extremely important difference between them, which is that oils penetrate the hair shaft, thus influencing its very structure. Serums, however, stay “outside” only creating a visual effect or helping strengthen your locks or seal up cuticles on damaged or curly hair.

Just like face serums, these products designed for hair create an almost immediately visible effect. Many of them can also be used as a styling product. Serums are particularly efficient for styling if you want to straighten your hair and reduce heat damage from a flat iron.

Do You Really Need Serums in Your Beauty Routine?

Neither facial nor hair serums are mandatory elements of the standard basic beauty care routine. Having said that, the very concept of the “basic beauty routine” is being redefined more and more these days. The Korean 10-step skincare program is a testament to that.

What this means for you is that you are the only one who should decide whether you need either or both of these serums in your daily beauty routine. There can be no doubt that they will help enhance your looks because a good serum will provide nearly immediate results.
However, it’s also true that these products are rather expensive. And if you find a cheap serum, you should wonder why exactly it is so affordable if the formula of an effective serum requires the use of extremely expensive ingredients in large quantities.

Note that due to their light structure and extreme efficiency, serums are very economic products, both types of them. Therefore, this product should last you for at least six months if used correctly. For a facial serum “correctly” means a single drop 1-2 times a day after washing and before moisturizing. The right way to use hair serums is to spread 2-3 drops of the product over your locks before styling. They work best when applied to slightly damp hair.


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