Doing What’s Right Instead of Doing What’s Easy


For most people, doing what’s right isn’t always an easy task. Many times, people struggle doing the right thing or making the right choices in life, because they’re harder to do physically, mentally, or even on an emotional level. The same thing goes for things like being honest, choosing good over evil, putting more effort into things, or even when it comes to business and working harder towards achieving your goals. I wrote this article with hopes to spread some right onto why we should do the right things in life, despite the difficulties, despite the hard work that it takes, and despite the time and effort that’s required.

To do the right things in life, it requires being fearless to a certain extent. As well, it takes a certain amount of will, determination, effort, patience, and hard work. You need to have the will and the desire to do what’s right, especially when it comes to going after something that you want. You need to feel that drive and determination within you, so that you’ll truly be willing to put effort into whatever it is. And you need to be patient, and know that good things in life take a certain amount of hard work that you must be willing to do, and that usually takes time, so it requires a lot of patience.

Many people have a hard time with things like being brutally honest to people, keeping their word, or committing to things. So it’s important to remember that you need to be happy with yourself, your actions, and all decisions that you make. Our intuition will usually push us in the right direction if we listen close enough. You can’t stay in a place of wishy-washy or undecided for too long when you’re in a make or break situation. But usually, when we listen to our instinct, and when we truly know right from wrong, we’ll make the right choice at the end of the day.

Despite the fact that doing the right things can be difficult at times, in the long run, you’ll be happier for it, even if it takes harder work, more effort, and more love. This goes for everything in life including relationships, achieving goals, or even things like building a brand-new business. And as far as business, it’s always better to take the righteous path, and to do everything in an honest and pure manner, even if it means stalling your way to getting to where you hope to be. If you want to get to the top, then you have to be willing to work hard and give it your all.

Getting what you want in life means putting a certain amount of love, effort, and hard work into it. Nothing good in life comes easy or without a certain amount of pain. And trust me when I say that good things in life come to those who are willing to work hard for them, willing to do what’s right, and to those who go about getting what they want in a righteous and decent manner. The people that have true success in life, are the ones that are willing to work for it. True success involves having balance, drive, and to know the difference between instant and immediate gratification from long-term happiness. Never settle for short term light with long term darkness. Cheating your way to the top isn’t really the top in the real world or the spiritual world for that matter.

Do what’s right when you’re in a predicament where you have to make a big decision, even if it requires you having to slow down, develop more patience, work harder, or having to put more effort into things. Otherwise, even if you end up becoming very successful or happy in your life, deep down inside, there will always be a part of you that will know that you didn’t do the right things or go about things in a righteous and pure manner in order to get to where you ended up. There’s no need to live with guilt or remorse, because if you go about things in the right manner, you’ll reap the rewards later, and you’ll never have to live with that guilt. We should all strive to be more enlightened and to go about our lives in a righteous and loving manner. Choose good over evil and be willing to do the right thing, even if it’s harder to do.

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2 thoughts on “Doing What’s Right Instead of Doing What’s Easy

  1. Right now I’m melting down over a huge predicament and my problem is that I can’t even figure out what IS right or wrong!!!! I’m pretty sure I know but…I don’t know. And there are so many various people to consider. What’s right for one person may be what’s wrong for the other and I love and have a responsibility to all of them…

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