When It’s Better to Install a New Door Instead of a Repair



When customers come to us with an issue about their doors, most of them need us to answer one question: Should I replace the door completely or will a repair job do the trick? Our answer is always the same. We ask them about the source of damage. If, for example, the reason they came to us because the door has started looking shoddy, then we advise them to get it repainted and repair it. After all, a good looking door does add to a home’s value and increases curb appeal. On the other hand, if the door has lost its shape and is becoming a barrier to insulation, our advice is to replace it.
To make the decision easier for our customers, we have put together a list of conditions and situations when it’d be better to…

Replace Your Old Door


The door frame has lost its shape and isn’t a square anymore

In older homes especially, the door frames may no longer be plumb and square. Or, they could not be on the level. In such a case, replacing the frame is a better option. But we’d advise that you also change the door. Replacing just the door or frame might not give you a good fit.

Consequently, the operating hardware, such as the hinges, could buckle under undue pressure. An ill-fitting door will only increase your problems. It may even become a safety hazard if the door is a fire-rated opening.

The Door Lets In a Draft Every So Often

Depending on your choice of the material for a door, it should be solid and keep the weather elements out of your home. For instance, a good quality wood front door should last for as long as the house it is installed in. But if it is out of shape, it isn’t doing its job as well as it should be doing. A handy trick to determine whether that is the case is to run your hand around the door’s perimeter. Do you feel a winter chill on your hand? If you do, then you may need a new door.

Try choosing a door that comes with weatherstripping installed around it. Usually, such insulation is constructed from the closed-cell vinyl foam tape and would keep the air from leaking in. Often the doors that came with the house may not be well-suited to endure your climate. Do you live somewhere that sees extreme temperature fluctuations all the time? Then choose a new door with multiple panels. The wood in each of the panel will expand and contract in turns and prevent your door from becoming warped. Such a door will outlast other slab style doors.

The Door Is Old and Looks Shoddy

Whether it is your front door or one that protects the entrance of your garage, it should be eye-catching and presentable. Besides protection, a good quality door can increase the curb appeal. Sure, you can slather it with a new layer of paint, but do you really want your outdated door marring the aesthetics of your modern home?

Garage Door Repair & Installation have come a long way. Newer designs that are pre-installed with great security features can make your life much easier. So, go out, and buy one that is more in line with current fashion trends. Remember, a garage door that is a blast from the past may also be unsuitable for your car. The newer ones are better sized and make parking and taking out vehicles that much smoother.

Your Door Was Forced Open

Whether it was because you forgot your keys or because of a recent spate of vandalism if your door was the target of forced entry, think about replacing it. You can have it repaired, but you may not realize if its core has been compromised. Check out the edges to see the extent of the damage on the door, and you will see what we mean.

Similarly, forcing a door open can also cause harm to the door frame. If it was a garage door, which is usually constructed from steel, then the amount of pressure required to force it open is considerable. Why risk your own and the safety of your loved ones by doing it halfway when a new door can do you better?

Another point is that you won’t be just getting a new door. When you replace the old one, you can plan to prevent vandalism in the future, as well. The newer doors – good quality ones anyway – are equipped with improved security features. Such a secure door will discourage vandals from breaking in. The older ones can fall prey to being broken open via the lift mechanism. When it comes to garage doors, the older ones could be finagled open with a universal remote as well. It is better to have redundant security than to have none when you need it!

Remember, a door is more than an entranceway. It shuts out the weather and has a role to play in keeping your energy bills down as well. Invest in a good one!


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