When the Love Is There



I’m sure that by now, most of you have heard how intimacy can drastically improve, and even save your relationship. They say that no matter how many fights you have, and no matter how many disagreements and differences that you have with one another, if the intimacy is not only there, but if it’s amazing, then your relationship will thrive, and all will be O.K. at the end of the day. But no matter how many people say that, the truth is, it’s not about the intimacy—It’s actually about the love behind it. 

If you have LOVE as the first and foremost foundation of your relationship, it will last. Sure, having a great intimate and romantic aspect to your relationship can definitely help improve things, and even to a great extent. However, when love is the base and the route to everything that you do and say in your relationship, nearly everything else can be improved. That is, if you’re both willing to improve on things. When your relationship is based on love, you’ll be willing to improve on yourself, and on your relationship. When couples are willing to do what it takes to make their relationship better, it will get better. It all boils down to whether or not couples are willing to improve their relationship and work together in doing whatever it takes, but as a team.

When you’re in a relationship, you need to put in the hard work, love, and effort into making things better. Couples don’t always have to work on the exact same things in order to improve their relationship. Many times, couples need to work on their own individual issues in order to make things better. When love is the main foundation, it’s that one thing that can hold everything else together. And even in those moments when you might feel as if everything is falling apart. It’s the love that will make you miss your partner when they’re not right there next to you. It’s the love that makes you long to be close and intimate with your partner. And it’s the love that makes you want to see your partner and your relationship thrive and be happy.

Remember, all couples have ups and downs in relationships. But when love is the foundation and backbone for a couple, then they’ll have the strength, the desire , and the will to do whatever it takes to improve their relationship. When the love is there, couples are more dedicated and caring towards making their relationship great. When the love is there, effort seems effortless. When the love is there, couples have every reason to fight to make things work. And when the love is there, everything else is possible.

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